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33 Home Remedies for Anxiety


One thing that I find interesting with all these anxiety treatments is that most of them don't work, however here is a natural remedy for anxiety so that you can better move forward with less stress and more health.

First off, solving anxiety is a full body issue where you'll need to change your lifestyle, food, diet, exercise, herbs.

All the anxiety started within, however when you added more bad food with gmos and other things that are harmful, as well as did not do too much physical exercise because that bad food slowed you down.

Now for some natural remedies for it:

Seven Source Mushroom Extract
Wood Betony
Kava Kava

Michael C

I have experienced anxiety for several years. In the middle of the night, I may wake up in a sweat for no particular reason. I also experience anxiety during the day. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes feeling despair, and it interrupts my flexible intelligence. I have found ways to help this.

My anxiety comes from a voice that I will call my Inner Critic. I think that all people have an Inner Critic to some degree and I believe this comes from early childhood memories. Remember this: your Inner Critic tells you things that are lies about yourself. It is up to your Wise Man to remind you differently. Your Wise Man is another voice inside. A voice that tells you the truth. When I take Action, instead of letting my Patterns take control of my actions, I usually do the things that I need to do to make my anxiety go down. It is a skill that I have learned. It gets better the more you use it.

Listen to your Wise Man!


I found out about this method through 'The Linden Method' for Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Basically what you have to do is... Imagine that you are in the Most dreadful place that your Anxiety loves! Whether it be on a very unsafe plane with no working bathrooms! headed for God knows where?! or how long!? or maybe in an over crowded rock concert?! on a very hot day and you are crowded right in the center!.. As you do this and your anxiety comes over like a plague to say hello! ...Tell it that you want even More!! ask for More! Demand it!! .. According to Charles Linden, Anxiety if 'fear of fear'.. When you do as above, You no longer fear the Anxiety/Panic Attack, Your brain no longer lets the Anxiety manifest. The anxiety no longer has any fuel as Linden would say and you will begin to feel the Anxiety/Panic Attack to literally melt away!! The next time you are experiencing an Anxiety/Panic Attack just use this method as described. According to Linden, Most of his patients found that they only had to do this one time! that is how effective and powerful this method is! I can personally tell you that this has changed my life Drastically! I have my life Back!!


I have suffered from anxiety all my life and now as a grandmother I find as I look back on my life that things could have been different. What ever it takes to feel at peace is worth trying. Pray, exercise vitamins and talk therapy all helped me, but sometime life circumstances just will cause reoccurrences. I am dealing with a chronically ill husband; and I find I worry continually about his health which in turn causes me to obcess about mine. I struggle with white coat hypetension, etc. My doctor reassures me that things are not as bad as I envision them, but we all know for the short term this is helpful, but ultimately we become trapped again by our thoughts. I truly believe that anxiety is a form of genetic imbalance that is given to us at birth and will be with us forever. I look for 'pockets of peace' throughout my day and when they appear, I feel so thankful!! Keep the faith, breathe deep and remember we are not alone.


Excercise every day. I walk 30-45 minutes a day and it has transformed my life. If I am too anxious to leave the house i do a cardio video for 30 minutes. I also take l-theanine though the health food store changed their formula so I'm back to square one with herbal 'back up.' I find if I take care of myself as best as I can it contributes to my self esteem which helps with the positive self talk.


I am in love with nature, so i tend to use it to my advantages. My mother had a problem getting over her anxiety and she would always freak. I was experimenting with herbs when i made this concocsin (sorry for the spelling) that included peppermint leaves, honey, and a pinch of sugar. Boil the water (regular tea heat) add the peppermint leaves, pour it in a cup. Then add the honey and sugar. Make sure you sit down while drinking and take deep breaths!


If you truly suffer from anxiety issues or a poor emotional state due to some sort of traumatic or extreme experiece in your life, then I would suggest one thing.
This product helps bring certain emotions to the surface, emotions that if left locked up can keep you in a stagnant state. It also helps individuals deal with such emotions as grief, pain, loneliness, and/or despair.
It is completely homeopathic, and can usally be found at any health food store- you don't have to order some product from the internet.

Try it: Ignatia Amara

sara eastern

When I took up 'running' (aged 54) my anxiety levels dropped dramatically, and I experienced unprecedented feelings of sweetness and well-being. It was a phenomenal effort at first (for the very committed couch-potato that I had always been) but within days the results were so phenomenal that I started writing a book, about the adventure of learning to 'run' in my middle years. Since then I have lapsed, and returned to my former lethargic life-style. My fear levels are presently quite crippling. I am resolved to start my 'running' regime again (as soon as it stops raining), and to finish the book this winter !
'If you can just get them moving they will heal themselves.' Gabrielle Roth.


Reflective Repatterning is excellent for anxiety, cures neragtive thoiughts and emotions thoroughly.


I have been suffering from anixiety and panic disorder for 7 years now. I've tried antidepressants which helped at first but last time I tried them it made my symptoms 10 times worse! I've learned to control them with healthly living; eating well, excercise, good sleep patterns. One thing that I tried 7 days ago is cutting sucralose (splenda) out of my diet. I have been symptom free for 5 days now! (I started using splenda 7 years ago. Coincendence?)

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