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I had anxiety for two years and what I've learned is that the best ways to beat it is really quite simple. Chamomile tea. That's step one. Breathing techniques. 6 seconds in. Hold for 3. Then breathe out for 7. That's step 2. And finally step 3. Remember to always tell yourself that you will not die from the attack. Calm your mind but don't fight it. Believe me and follow these 3 steps. You will beat it


I am so grateful to God for this herbal remedy. A while back, I tapered off lorezepam 1mg. It was a very tough time for me as I was experiencing full panic attacks upon waking from sleep and other anxiety symptoms.

Lavender is the only remedy that has helped me tremendously. I got lavender tea bags from the herbal store and can confidently say that one cup of this tea is equal to taking an anti anxiety medicine like lorezepam. My family members have tried this as well for the same purpose and have benefited immensely.

Please make sure you get organic or good quality lavender tea bags. May God bless you with good health


Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) works well, the fresher the material the stronger. Also be careful of who you have around you, being around anxious people makes me anxious even when I previously had no anxiety at all. Might be something to do with 'mirror neurons', look them up.


I was in almost constant anxiety and tried so many things to relieve my stress. On Oprah I saw a program called 'The Solution' by Laurel Mellin. It changed how I live my life. I still feel anxiety from time to time, but through completing that program I learned how to work through my emotions to get to a place of calmness. Before I did that program I had no idea it was really possible to live in such a peaceful state.

The program now is called 'Emotional Brain Training.' It is not a free program, but it is so worth it. I'm so grateful I was able to break free of my past and my own limiting beliefs.


One of the things that trigger anxiety is Stress. I was suffering due to letting a control into my life. Remember you are the one in control of your life. Speak your mind and help your health.


their is one easy simple way to ease or even eliminate your anxiety and that is smoke some marijuana a lot of it or as much as you can just keep smoking it until u feel better and by better i mean amazing.


It has been been about 1 1/2 since I started panic attacks. This is ruining my life..... I live in vegas and the heat is the #1 cause of my panic attacks, I feel so alone and feel like nothing can help me. I am tired of taking xanex and want and need all the info I can get to start taking natural pills. I have tried to go to the doctor but because I am young she did not want to prescribe me xanex. I could have went to a crooked doc or got those pills on the street but I just wanted someone to just listen and paid good money to go to this lady. I just want this illness to go away.... this is serious and you just feel like the whole world is on your shoulders when you are having a panic attack. Any help on natural things to take? Please....

Maawa Evan

This treatment is for Muslims only.
'And verily we have kept the peace of heart in our rememberence.' So do as much zikr (rememberence of Allah) as you can.
For every Command of Allah there is some time, place and limit, but for His Zikr, there is no such condition. 'The wise are in fact those who remember Him standing, sitting and lying down.' 'And when you finish prayer spread on the earth, find the sustenance of Allah but don't forget to remember Him even in your work places.' One should fix the time also in the morning and evening to remember Allah.
In remembering Allah three things are most useful. Third Kalima (subhanallah, alhamdulillah, la ilaha illa Allah Allah u Akbar, darood (prayer of blessing upon Muhammad (saaw))and istighfar (asking for forgivenss of your sins to Allah)


Panic attack it started for me like 2 hrs ago I would b partying like any other night and boom my heart is bouncing around in my chest like beach ball before I know it I'm in the hospital going through every type of heart test I go home just to go through it again the following week of course now I'm on a first name basis with the er doctor dying again he says yea I know embarrassing so the doc takes my bloodwork and says it's time to give up the extra curricular I go home I try Xanax that really helped when ever I got the attack I would just do one and it would relax this went on for about a year but I just needed to find a way to still have fun with out those shitty attacks . I then was introduced to the beta blocker that worked the best yes poof they were gone blood pressure always super low and hr in the 50's until one day I looked at the side affects of those things I'm thinking there no good cause all people talk about is when u come off there a high chance of heart attack heart failure and a mess of other things so I'm off but the beta did seem to work so I guess I'm just stuck with this problem unless someone can help me my wife thinks I'm nuts getting support from here out the window sometimes I just need a little support to get me through and I come out of it if someone can give me some sort of info on how to get rid of these symptoms please let me know just like you all have the numbness pins and needles I know I'm not dying but it sure he'll feels like it well thanks for listening as u can probably tell Im having one now but reading all your guys posts really does help


Having anxiety and panic attack could be a very traumatizing experience. When I first got my panic attack, I thought I was going crazy and dying. It was a horrible feeling. At the peak of my anxiety, my body was overwhelmed with cold and shaking and my heart beat very fast. I am a kind of guy who always avoid seeing doctors, but after several panic/anxiety attack incidents, I decided to see a doctor. My doctor said that it was all in the mind, especially because I lived a stressful life. My doctor prescribed me alprazolam (xanax) 0.5 mg, to be taken whenever neccessary. So I took the drug the following night for the first time. 20 minutes after taking it, I fell into a nice deep dreamless sleep. It was 11 at night and I woke up at 8 in the morning, feeling totally fresh. I felt like born again, and was really awed with the drug. This is a miracle drug, I said to myself. After that I have taken several more within one month, everytime with the same effect of heavy sedation and restful sleep. Is my anxiety gone completely? Too bad, it's not what happened. Anxieties seemed to come more often than before I took the drugs. Before the drugs I had varying levels of anxiety like every two or three weeks on average. After the drugs, I felt the anxiety coming almost every day.

But I guess I am a lucky person because I started to do my 'google research' before it's too late. I found so many stories on alprazolam withdrawals. When I cross-checked with my doctor, my doctor said the opposite. He said that the drug is the safest of its kind, and do not have addictive side effects as long as taken appropriately. There is no explaining of how much frequent I can take it. The doctor sticks to 'take it whenever neccessary'. To err on the safe side, I decided to stop taking the drug.

For awhile after stopping taking the drug, anxieties still came every day. But I learn something about it. A natural anxiety, no matter how bad, will not last very long. If only I had taken the drug for a very long term, it would be some kind of drug-residue-induced anxiety, which would last longer and heavier. But like I said, I am very lucky to be suspiscious about the 'wonder' drug before it's too late.

Everytime I felt anxiety coming, I tried to focus on something else. I found that distraction is the key to overcome anxities. I started to collecting my own distraction methods. (I will share my distraction methods in my blog about anxiety cureanxietyforgood (dot) wordpress (dot) com/ )

One morning I had a terrible anxiety, my body started shaking but I kept trying to get rid of the “what-the-hell-is-happening” thoughts and trying to fill my mind with any other thoughts not related to what was happening. My anxiety subsided very fast, the cold and shaking dissapeared gradually. It took around 30 minutes to get back to normal. I think this is quite fast, considering how bad the cold and shaking I had. My ability to overcome this anxiety gave me confidence.

For several mornings in a row, anxiety struck bad, but everytime I could overcome it better and better. After that, some days pass without anxiety at all. On some stressful days, anxiety ‘visits’ me again, but only for a very short minute.

I said to myself that I will never be anxiety-free, but I mean that in a positive understanding. Anxiety in a certain small amount is needed, just like any other human emotions. I won't make 'anxiety' a dreadful word everytime I hear it.

I hope this story can be of some help.

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