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I want to sincerely thank everyone who posted!! I tried the ACV and it worked!! I had horrible athletes foot on toes, as well as on the sides and bottom of my feet. The doctor told me to treat with Lotrimin for 2 weeks, it did nothing! I went back and the dr told me to use Lamisil, again nothing. finally the dr gave me a script for terbinafine which has MANY side effects including liver damage. After reading suggestions on this site I soaked my feet for 1 hr in 100% ACV everynight for 2 wks. I started seeing results immediately, however it tooks 2 weeks to be gone. I was left with patches of dry skin on my toes. I saw posts regarding coconut oil and I went to the health store. I purchased Tea Tree Oil Lotion and I have been applying in the morning and evening for a few days. My feet are back to normal and softer than they have ever been. THANK YOU everyone for your posts!! If there is a natural option to cure or prevent an ailment I am doing it from now on!


I have tried all of these remedies. They did not kill it but helped to control it. I am having success with monist at 1. Use only the stuff in the long vial. That's the strong medicine called tioconazole. Also I soak my feet in water with acv, tea tree oil and a bit of Epsom salt. Daily exfoliating with a handful of salt and liquid soap. Scrub all the knocks and crannies. I take a swig of ACV . Yes I swallow it on an empty stomach. I started taking strong probiotic a that require refrigeration and have eliminated sugar. I will follow this regimine for at least a year to make sure I killed it. Also extra long women's pantiliners in each shoe daily. I wear flip flops, a newly washed pair daily. I leave my woes out in the sun.


Get some anti bacterial liquid hand soap or dish soap. rub generously over feet & between toes. leave it on. do not rinse. it will dry on skin. . Put socks on & go to bed or work. by morning or end of day problem GONE!! reapply if it ever comes back in months. simple effective cure.


Military & natural cure for athletes foot... urine! Instantly cures. Urine is sterile when first passed, highly acidic which kills AF on contact.


Thank You God for Apple Cider Vinegar!

Cheap, Safe, Simple, All natural and it works.

Soak (50/50 ACV- water) or a good heavy spraying at least 2x a day.

To keep Athletes foot away be sure to use vinegar or disinfectant in all of your shoes, socks, shower stalls, and that place on the carpet in front of the recliner where you rub itchy feet.


Silver Gel twice a day for 2 days worked for me.

Carl N.

Put a few caps of bleach in a small tub of water every night before bed. Give it a week or so and no more itchy feet I swear by it!!!!! Easy and won't cost you a dime if you already have clorox in your home.
Also, make sure to put powder on the feet before putting on shoes, this will stop it from coming back.


I've had athlete's foot for almost a year now. I tried the OTC stuff but it didnt work. The skin on some of my toes was raw and I have an extremely low pain tolerance so there was NO WAY I was going to stick my feet in vinegar or bleach, it just wasn't gonna happen. Ask your doctor to prescribe you mometasone furoate cream USP, .1% and ketoconazole cream 2%. Mix them together and thoroughly apply to your feet 2 or 3 times a day. I know this isn't natural but it works. I put it on the first night and I woke up the next morning, and it way A LOT better.


I found this as a remedy for ring worm but it works with athletes foot as well.

I found this online for ring worm and thought it wouldn't work but what do i have to lose?

I have a mild case of athletes foot and have had out breaks for years. I am a bit lazy and impatient so I like fast results.

Last night I got my anti-fungul cream and put a bit on my hand, I then used the head of a match and rub it in it before apply it to my foot. It left a pink coating behind where I spread it, I then dabbed a small amount of tea trea oil on my foot.

Got up this morning and the edges and minor legions are completely gone and the main area has been reduced, I've applied it again today and will do it again tonight. I'll keep you posted.


Body Butter from The Body Shop works for athlete's foot, jock itch, and thigh chafing. It seems like the opposite of what we are supposed to do, right? Keep the area super dry to kill the fungus? NOPE.
First off, I think ANY thick hand cream that seems extra heavy will probably do the same thing--I just happened to have a big jar of Body Butter Brazil Nut around my wife gave me for dry elbows and knees, so I tried it. It works on athlets's foot, all chafing, and jock itch right away!
Please know that I have had athlete's foot on my right foot for over 6 years and none of the prescription creams or over the counter stuff worked--NONE. I work outside in the Florida heat would have crazy itchy red toes at the end of the day. No powders, or any brush-on stuff worked long enough to stop it. I even tried putting anti-perspirant on all the areas, but nothing worked. I tried body butter in desperation one night to relieve itching and pain and to my shock it started curing the area by the morning.
Shower and clean all areas and put it everywhere you need it. Do your morning routine with no socks or underwear to let it soak in. Clean areas at night and reapply. That's it. In 1-2 days it will be much better. I do it every day to keep fungus at bay. This stuff even works for a long, hot day on the golf course--just apply in the morning and go.
Stops crazy itchy red toes, chafing, red heat rash, jock itch, belt line redness, everything. It has solved my problems. Try it--it works! Thanks.

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