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Three years and umpteen remedies later... For the past 2 months I've wiped my feet 3 times a day with baby-wipes, let air dry, and put on vaseline and clean socks. (bare feet at night). I am THRILLED to say I am now itch free.

In between, I do at least a once-a-week soak in a 50% apple cider vinegar foot bath (just an inch deep, for the soles to soak). After 15 minutes I use my fingernails to scrape off the dead tissue and any heel callous. My 62 year old feet look like those of a 10 year old.


After 4 months of treatment for elementary school son, various anti-fungal creams and home remedy, including tea tree oil, neosporin, apple cider vinegar soak, betadine/hydrogen peroxide soak, vapo rub etc, none of them really worked. He saw a dermatologist today which confirmed he doesn't have athlete's foot (it's really rare for children to get athelete's foot), but a staph infection, which also caused small bumps, redness and skin peeling between toes and bottom of feet. This bacterial infection on the feet also caused id reaction (rash to whole body). Now the proper treatment is soak whole body in 1/8 chlorox bath, mupirocin ointment for feet (to treat bacterial infection), and derma smooth oil for body.


Vicks vaporub!!!! Just apply it onto the affected area every night before bed wear socks to prevent from sticking to anything else. You see results immediately and itching stops.


I have tried multiple over-the-counter and prescription ointments in the last 30 years. None could completely get rid of the problem. Then, I tried swabbing Betadine (povidone iodine) between and around my toes, 2 or 3 times a day. I work in a hospital and remember painting this on patients with the worst fungal infections on their skin. 4 weeks later, I'm now athletes foot free for the first time since Jr. High. You can buy it at a drug store for about 11 dollars a bottle, which will last many years. Don't worry about the iodine color, it washes off.


try use COMBIDERM OR CANDIBEC CREAM. they have a content a of beclometasone dipropionate and clotrimasole they also use those have eczema and espicially tinea pedis or athletes foot
I hope they help to your problem ;)
Or anything cream that they have conten of BECLOMETASONE DIPROPIONATE with CLOTRIMASOLE

J. D.

In the 50's there was an athlete's foot medication called Jim Wade's Athlete's Foot medicine. Almost all the ball players in high school had a case of AF or jock itch. The stuff worked wonders, usually one treatment, but is now discontinued. The ingredients were salicylic acid, acetone, alcohol and something else. I've made my own by dissolving 5 aspirin (the salicylic acid) in 2 T. fingernail polish remover (acetone) and 2 T. alcohol. Forget the other ingredient in the Jim Wade. Let it sit for a day or so then apply to affected areas. This clears my AF up in one treatment.

Best cure for athletes foot

BEST CURE FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT!!!!!! In only 4 days!!!
After 4 long months of agony with athletes foot that spread all down the bottom of my foot. I tried almost everything on this site including ACV, Hydrogen peroxide, natural creams from the health food store, oil of oregano, vicks, salt, copper, copper socks....
Nothing really worked or only worked for a short time. Then I found the cure cedarwood insoles.

They advertise that Athlete's foot will be gone in 3-4 days and it's true! They are well worth the money at only $15 a pair. The international shipping is only $4 and they arrived in 4 days from Germany. I got them at I can't recommend them enough. I finally got a good night sleep instead of waking up from the itching after only wearing them for a day. My feet looked completely normal again after 4 days. They are a amazing !

Too bad I didn't take before and after pics cuz It's hard to believe how well they work and sooooo fast. They are a lot cheaper than the hundreds of dollars I've spent on all the other stuff I've tried. Don't give up you can get rid of it for good ! Try them they also have a 110% money back guarantee. Good Luck !


I find that spraying perfume or aftershave on the affected area works like a dream. It can be the cheapest perfume from the pound shop and it still works.

I do this after every shower as a preventative measure too.

There is the additional benefit of a swet smell for your feet. :-)


I don't know why no one told me about this but after battling with athlete's foor for several years and trying everything from doctors prescription to bleach with no effect, i cured it instantly.
What didnI use ?
Google Lugol's Iodine and find a supplier. It is fab.
You can apply it to the skin and it will cure your athlete's foot.


I never had athletes foot in my life of 50 years, but I had some pool parties last year and noticed red, itchy scaling on my toes following. I tried the over the counter (OTC) remedies and it kept it at bay somewhat, but it kept coming back. Then we had a big heat wave, and I work a lot of hours on my feet, and my athletes foot just exploded. I cant tell you the pain I had, there were days my feet were so swollen and sore that I literally couldn't walk. There was a thick layer of white dying skin between and under all of my toes on both feet. It was excruciating, I had to come home from work some days and thought I had a secondary infection and even worried about losing some toes or it spreading like some terrible disease. I read everything I could on the internet, and many people said that they went to a doctor and when they had bad AF they were prescribed pills, but that they often did nothing. I went through many cans of OTC meds but it really did nothing. I tried bleach, as I read it can cure AF, and it also seemed to do nothing. I changed my socks and washed my feet several times a day, just to try and keep the infection controlled. Then I found a cure! After reading many blogs I started using apple cider vinegar, I would wash my feet, apply hydrogen peroxide for the infection and drench the ACV on my feet. It hurt, sometimes I screamed in pain because there were deep open cuts where the AF had eaten away my skin to the point they were bleeding. It looked like trench foot you may have seen in a war movie. I have been on a ritual of washing my feet, peroxide and ACV several times a day for about 3 weeks now. I also keep my feet bare when I am not at work, and had to stay home otherwise because it was just to sore to walk if I didn't have to. I am almost cured, still have some rough patches and still use the ACV but the white decaying skin is almost gone and my feet are 100 times better. If you have AF please use ACV ASAP when you see the first signs. If you have it bad start a regiment now of ACV and keep it on your feet as much as possible. I also put ACV in my wash and clean the floor with it wherever I walk, because I understand the fungus spores can live a long time, and you need them killed in your shoes, socks, bed sheets and wherever they may have been spread. I hope my shared experience can help, it is by reading other peoples stories I found ACV and relief from AF.

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