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Sounds weird...but...if you put vagisil (women's yeast infection)cream on your atheletes will sooth the pain.. and within a few days...its gone


I tried otc meds, which were a waste of $. Tried most of the remedies on this site and others. Waste of just got worse. Then, started soaking my foot in ocean water twice a day and put mentholatum ointment/rub on it overnight and saw results immediately. Continued this routine and 5 days later the soreness is gone, no itch or burn, no mini blisters anymore! The color went from deep red, almost purple, to light pink. Healing more each day!


if ther eis open wounds between the toes apply antibiotic ointemnt to all the the open cuts then apply a shred a cotten ball where the ointment was applyed . to keep the cotten balls in place us medical tape , and only where WHITE COTTEN socks . if you use any colored it will increase the infection .


I know this will sound nuts nut it really work... urinate on your feet where the affected areas are let it soak there for a minute or two then rinse off with warm water. It does not have to be your own urine.. its easiest done in the shower or 'peeing' in a cup. You will feel results after one or twice and see results in a week or so.. the more you do it the better!


Apply Listerine to a sterile cotton pad and rub onto feet twice daily. No need to rinse. Great for children or adults.


Soak the affected (and surrounding) areas in antiseptic mouthwash such as Listerine. Use the original kind (the mediciny one). Immediately relieves the itching and burning symptoms.


Tee Tree oil is great for cureing athlete's feet. Many of my family members have used it with success.


Drying between each toe after bath or shower will not allow fungus to start. I had athletes foot 2 times. This is the best remedy for it not to reoccur.


use Tilex bathroom cleaner, spray spot on foot wait 3 minutes and rinse with cool water. Do this twice a week, it will be gone in 2 weeks.

T. Powers


**2 Cups Rubbing Alcohol
**4 tsps of Boric Acid Powder (not as dangerous as it sounds and can be bought at any drug store without a prescription)
**16 drops of 1% Gentian Violet (Also can be bought at any drug store without a prescription --May have to ask the pharmacist)

Shake this mixture well because the boric acid powder never fully dissolves. Pour it over your feet into an old bucket. **THIS WILL STAIN YOUR FEET BLUE.** It will stain furniture and clothing too so be careful.
It wears off your skin in just a few days and it is worth it. Just a few treatments and your Athletes foot will be gone. Be sure to rub your feet with a file to exfoliate all the dead skin ---that way the treatment can get under the dead skin and kill off the fungus.
I used this mixture for my dogs constant ear problems. I figured if it killed the yeast in her ears it would kill the fungus on my feet. I was right. Worked like a charm! Just use it in the winter when no one can see your blue feet. :)

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