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Use 1 cup of white vinegar and three cups of warm water, as hot as you can stand. Submerge feet or affected areas in mix for 10-20 minutes. If you have open blisters or sores, this will burn but not as bad as peroxide. Soak feet. Then dry with paper towel, works better than bath towel. Get in between each toe and make sure they are very very dry. Use paper towel to rub off any dead skin. Apply Tinactin generously to affected area. It immediately relieves the itching and burning. Rinse hands very thoroughly and dispose of water. I just tried this and it seems to be working.

Julio Pena

To cure Athlete's Foot, use Sesamy Seed Oil.
Just rub some Sesamy Seed Oil in between your toes and the bottom of your feet.
Since I started using it, I never had any umpleasant odors in my feet at the end of the day.

Tim Wodoslawsky

Hydrogen Peroxide
Soak your feet in a basin in over the counter Hydrogen Peroxide (Brown Bottle). Soak for 20-30 minutes. Save the same solution to repeat the following day. Twice is all that I do and it works.


I've had really bad athletes foot now for over two years. No medicines that any doctor has given me or otc has worked. My feet burned so bad, I could hardly walk. Especially in hot humid weather. The only thing so far that has helped was 'Dr. Bronners peppermint soap'. I wash once in the morning and then once in the night leaving a small amount of soap on my foot and drying with a hair dryer between my toes. Also, changing my shoe insoles every few hours throughout the day. You need to use Dr. Scholl air pillows which allows you feet to breathe. You also need to have a couple of pairs of them to switch off when your feet get damp. Also switch your socks if them get hot and damp. My feet are finally responding by becoming smoother and burning less. Hopefully they'll continue to heal and the skin will become less thick on the heal and sides of my foot and between the toes. Dr Bronners peppermint soap is all natural and can be bought at GNC and most other healthfood stores. It works the best if you make a lather between your hands with a dime sized squirt and rub it into your feet after you have washed and rinse them with this soap. I hope this works for you like it has for me because there really is no safe cure.


sandals are the answer but flip flops are better, if you cant wear them outside the just walk about when in your home with them. most fungal infections cannot live in dry conditions. drying your feet also removes the smell.


1. Boil water enough to soak your feet
2. Add about 1/4 cup table salt
3. use a spoon or any object to mix the solution
4. add water additional water to cool down the water a bit
5. soak your fit for about 9 mins
6 dry your feet

Do this before and after work (morning and evening)


soak feet in warm water with a cap full of clorox. dry feet well and apply otc medicated power.

just me

Why not just got both of your feet off then you won't have to worry about athletes foot every again. (lol)

Seriously I use suave facial toner.
It dosen't cure it just relieves the itching until you get to Walmart in the morning and get Dr Scholls.


Wash your feet with Dial Soap(Antibacterial). Dry off and spray foot and between your toes with Arrid Extra Dry Deorderant,. If your feet can't sweet, Athelets foot can not live, 3 days and a surver case will be gone, if it starts coming back, reaply,
this really works


After reading through the remedies on this site, I soaked my foot twice per day in a mixture of salt (two tablespoons) white vinegar (one-half cup) plus enough hot water to cover my foot. Then I dried my foot thoroughly and used an OTC medication and baking soda or powder. The soaking got rid of the pain and itching and the OTC med got me on the road to healing. But some last lingering cracked spots just would not clear up, and I was worried about reinfection. I put some lip balm on those spots (Kiehl's Lip Balm #1) and they disappeared.

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