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Absorbine Jr. (liquid form, green in color, comes in a plastic container with an foam applicator tip. usually sold as a pain reliever). I had athlete's foot in high school 15 yrs ago and found that nothing worked, when my grandfather mentioned this remedy to me after suffering for 2.5 yrs this cured the symtoms after 4 or 5 months. After the symtoms cleared I have not had an issue since. ( my son possibly has A.F. and just bought a new container of absorbine jr. from walgreens, if conditions do not improve I will repost).

Jock Footsore

OK, one night I couldn't sleep cuz my Athlete's Foot was so bad, itching, burning like heck and it WOULDN'T STOP! I forgot to get medicine, so I read all the home remedies posted here. Of all of the ingredients each req'd (Vicks, etc), I only had some apple cider vinegar available. Let me tell you! I stuck my foot in the shower, and drenched the toes with it and ALMOST INSTANTLY, the itching went away. The only complaint is that my wife said she smelled it when got in bed.


Tried for months now and found what works for me. Get some selsum blue. Yep the hair shampoo. I used the medicated one. It burned but also stopped the itch. My foot was itching uncontrollable and tried it. My foot didn't itch at all the next day. Put it on your foot. Leave it on for about 10 mins and wash off. Keep doing this at least once a day until content. Trust me ive tried it all!


The only thing that has ever worked for curing my athlete's foot is Kombucha's SCOBY. I have tried everything under the sun to help my athlete's foot and nothing worked: vinegar, listerine, tea tree oil, coconut oil, Vick's Vaporub, conventional meds, turmeric, foot cream from LUSH, henna. So you can either buy a scoby from Laurel Farms or make your own- just google how to make a kombucha scoby. I just applied strips of the SCOBY to my feet between the toes- twice. My problem is GONE!


I had Athlete' foot for 2 weeks straight and it drove me crazy. Then I spoke to my grandmother, she told me to fill up a bucket of warm water and add half a cup of bleach and soak my feet for 20-30 mins and it worked!


Just spray Lysol all over your foot after you wake up and before bed, also make sure to spray the inside of your shoes. It even says right on the can that it's ingredients kills athletes foot fungus.

Fire Fighter

I have found that 100% boric acid has always worked for me! Where do you get it? Go to the dollar store, get the quart size yellow and white bottle of ant and roach killer ( powder ) ! Open the twist nozzle and sprinkle in shoe or boot! Shake footwear around to coat all areas. Dump extra out on ant hill. Place a sock on foot. Put in shoe. It will tingle. Repeat 3 days and it is gone for 6 months. You have now treated your foot an footwear! When putting it in shoe or Shaking do not inhale powder! It hurts!


Soak your feet in mouthwash for about 20 minutes once a week. i use the store brand. any flavor will do. works like a charm.


I've been suffering from chronic athlete's foot for about 6 months. This is my first time visiting this site and I found some very helpful stuff. I tried peeing on my foot and then I sprayed EVERYTHING with bleach diluted with water. The next morning my feet felt great. I continued this process for a week and my athlete's feet was CURED ! Amen. :)


I used those Kinoki foot pads, the as seen on tv stuff and my atheletes foot disapeared for weeks at a time, when i tried to go back to walgreens and get them they were no longer selling them, however you can get them online. The foot detox pads worked so well, I have the worst athletes feet ever, they are always red with blisters and swelling, I also never wear shoes so I dont understand why I have it so bad. I will swear by those detox pads though.

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