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I found that applying tea tree oil helped me with genital H. I dipped a Q tip in the oil and placed it DIRECTLY on the outbreak. I avoid rubbing it all over the place because I am afraid it will spread. I use a new Qtip every time I dip it in the tea tree oil. I was able to find it at Rite Aid in a weird "latin/hispanic" section Id never seen.

Anyway, after about 3-4 days my bumps went away ( I had like 8 of them near my anus and on my buttcheek/thing)It also helped with the irritation.


I was experiencing daily outbreaks until I figure out what was causing them , I went to the doctor and she prescribed generic valtrex which did not help me at all, then I discovered my immune system had to be low , I was eating lots of junk foods such as coffee, chocolate and sugary foods and nuts , not giving my immune system the proper food to fight off the outbreaks , then I changed my eating habits , started taking centrum liquid adult vitamin , vitals b6 ,d3 , iron daily followed by chamomile and echinacea teas purchased at Walmart since then I have not had an outbreak , also include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet especially broccoli, hope this helps someone .


I was diagnosed about 20 years...have only had three outbreaks since...this past Friday i had a couple of small bumps on my inner labia, and I kind of just hoped they would go away. Well, let me just say, they didn't...they only got worse!!! I tried the vitamin c powder and making a paste...and while it did help some, it burned like hell, and it made the blisters ooze ridiculously and the blisters ended up spreading. So what started as just two blisters turned into about 7-8 of them. I found info about applying coconut oil and it did help to soothe and diminish the appearance some but I'm running out of patience. It's been four days and I just can't take it anymore. Today I decided to purchase a Sitz Bath and epsom salt, which is recommended to clean the wounds and help them heal. It stung a little at first but wasn't as bad as the vitamin c paste. Now I'm wondering if I should apply some coconut oil to them again? Or should I just leave them dry and see what happens? I'm planning to do another couple of Sitz Baths before bed and hope that tomorrow the blisters will be completely dry and gone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


Hi there,

I have had herpes for a little over 5 years now, I am almost 26 years old, female, and totally embarrassed when I have an outbreak. I refuse to go to classes and will make up an excuse not to go to work so people cant see what my face looks like. Yes, it's horrible and but I have made due with it since I believe it is karmatic debt I am paying for some of my younger years when I was not a very nice person. I know what my triggers are and if there is anyone out there who is suffering and cant figure out why they keep breaking out, I'll hand out some advice.

Food is medicine! I could almost say herpes has changed me for the better since I live such a healthier lifestyle than I did before.

Realize that you need to change your eating habits, eat super clean, watch your lysine to arginine ratio.

For example I eat a vegan diet, breakfast consists of oats and a 5 banana smoothie, lunch is quinoa and lentils, dinner is either acorn squash or some starchy meal like potatoes or yams with black beans and greens.

When I do get an outbreak its usually from stress eating in the middle of the night, peanut butter is my kryptonite.


For treatment I use Oregano and Meleleuca essential oil in my water for internal use or dab a small amount with coconut oil on the affected area. I also rub oregano with coconut oil on the back of neck since the nerves that run into my face stem from my spinal cord.

I do hope this helps someone suffering...

I started practicing yoga one year ago and I can say that breathing exercises have helped wonders. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Be strong!


I have never had an outbreak nor any symptoms, it's true. I was clueless to having it until I went in for general blood tests six months ago. I was told that I could have been positive for many years and never know, it's ridiculous, isn't it? I contacted my ex and she tested negative. And she asked to divorce with me...Ah, so sad, dont wanna say more about this. I haven't a clue as to when I contracted this. Unfortunately, this makes dating more of a challenge.I take no drugs for this. I have always eaten health, take vitamins, & work out on a regular basis.


I have stress herpes and my lip ends up looking like someone slammed me with a baseball bat. Ive been taking oregenol oil 5 drops 3 to 4 times a day and also gently rubbing it onto sore with a qtip.......Its almost healed up already and its only been 3 days ! This stuff is amazing ! I put the drops in an empty capsule and swallow. This stuff is HOT so I cant handle it under the tounge but let me tell you, it works like a charm. Oregenol is stronger than any antibiotic you could ever take without the side effects because it is natural. It kills bad bacteria whatever it touches.... research it you'll see. Amazing product


A good remedy for herpes cure is trying also Izumio Water research it before drinking it. Also oregano extract oil from mediterran county buy online, add organic extra virgen olive oil , or organic cococunt oil mix this two. Eat healthy raw vegetables, stay away sugar and chocolate or sodas and coffee and caffeine. Drink plenty water purified or izumio water. Take good vitamins, or make own raw vegetables with blender to get enough vitamins body. Do exercise or yoga. Stay away stress. Also Gargle twice day for 2 minutes with peroxide, do not drink. Also pray for each other that we can find cure. This can cost you $150.00 dollars month, buy everything organic. Hope this helps out!!!I am praying for everyone in this site to find cure and for healing.


I just put some raw garlic from the garden on an area on my neck which was displaying all the classic signs of another outbreak. Swelling & redness have almost gone in a few hours. Amazing!


I have had herpes for 20 years my cure for the past 6 months I have been using oreganol oil and extra virgen olive oil steps to take 5 drops oreganol oil and teaspoon extra virgen oilve oil, I take it daily. Stay away from chocolate and sugar cause it will cause herpes to come back. Also take myrtle oil 5 drops daily for stress. anxitites, and for depression and for nerves. Hopes this works Herpes.!!!Check all the benefits oreganol oil and check how much doses you need, research everything online.


For those who suffer with Herpes, I have taken Olive Leaf Extract for 2 years and the outbreak never came up til yesterday due to my emotional stressful week. Wanted to share this with you because it did me world of good.

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