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Submitted by Tired Teen

I have tried almost everything to get rid of acne. Im in my teens, and having acne is just another insecurity that i have to deal with. My mom read somewhere that garlic is a good to get rid of acne, and it actually works!! I barley started a day ago and i already see a drastic change, my pimples are smaller almost gone! This is just the second day and i am loving the results. =]]

All i did was wash my face with a gentle daily cleanser, then i pat my face dry and apply a clove of garlic to my face. I cut the clove in half to really get the juice on my face, if the clove dries before i applyed to my whole face i just wet it with a little water.

Now it does burn for a bit, but when its done you can feel your pores tighting and within an hour you see results.

This may not work for everyone, but it sure worked for me! I hope it works for you!! =))

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Submitted by Bri

i tried this cure and it worked great. i now have no pimples at all and my skin glows. im loving the clear skin. so i recomand that this in the 3rd best home remedie

Submitted anonymously

does it make your face smell bad?

Submitted anonymously

Well it does make your face smell a little, but all i do is wash my face with Dove Nutrien. It takes the smell away and is gentle for your face.

Submitted by aurora

this works wonders for softnrss

Submitted by candy

This worked like magic for me,and I have tried everything and I mean everything.I just washed my face with head and shoulders another home remedity I read because of the zinc in the shampoo it works like a charm then I apply the garlic face is clear for once thank the lord.

Submitted anonymously

so.......when to rinse off ????????

Submitted anonymously

when do you rinse the garlic off???????

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