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Submitted by MiriamD'Bello

Forr ACNE ttry this PAStE :)
-Ground Cinnamon Powder
Dontt WORRy ABOUt the AMOUNtsx:)

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Submitted by Christina

Recurrent acne has always been my problem. But once I started using natural therapies, I have seen amazing results. I have used advanced safe natural preparations from Biogetica which a have comprehensive approach towards management of Acne. They restored my clear. I am sure it will work for you too.

Submitted by Barb

Upon finding this site less than a week ago, I figured I might as well give this a try. At 32, I should not have acne as badly as I do, even with a dermatologist's prescription. I tried this remedy and my face has cleared up at least 90%. Wish I would have found this earlier! (Years earlier!) I will keep using this remedy as long as I see the results I have had so far!

Submitted by Olivia

I just tried this remedy and as soon as I rinsed it off with warm-water, I noticed that the redness on the face/blemishes had been reduced. I left the paste mask on for an hour, then rinsed it off with warm water (easier to get honey off) and patted dry then rinsed with cold water to close up pores. Thanks!

Submitted anonymously

What is limee/limon??? or r u jus talkin bout lemon???

Submitted anonymously

Anyway...this stuff really works. i don't believe that proactiv works... i think they jus make it seem like it works then let you down. but this stuff, it really works. i love it!!! thanks for the recipe!!!

Submitted by krista

do you have to use lemon or lime?

Submitted anonymously

I have tried everything out there! From proactive to Murad and every brand in stores. I have also taken pills and ointment from dermotologist and nothing works. I might as well give this a try. I also heard plain yogurt works so if this doesnt work ill try that

Submitted by Bell

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Submitted anonymously

How long do you leave it on for? Or is it meant to be like a cleaner?

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