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Tea bag!!! Really did help. I have been in pain for 5 days now. I have tried Ibuprofen, Orajel, Anbesol, Hydrocodone, Vanilla Extract, Mouthwash, Warm compresses, and placing this tea bag between my cheek and tooth has relieved my pain from a 10 to a 1. It's easy too. I ran out of Lipton but i had Jasmine tea bags and it seemes to be working great, but it is only temporary. I am still surfing the web for the best solution aside from going to the Dentist which is what I should have done already but with 4 growing children I have to wait. Try it though. I have had this tea bag in my mouth for an hour now and it is still working.

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I agree, the tea bag trick does work wonders. I almost poisoned myself taking too many painkillers the other day. I started the tea bag treatment today and already feel results. I do have dentist visit tomorrow, but the sooner i get the swelling down the sooner i get to pull this damn tooth out!!!


I've had an abscess come out of nowhere over the last 2 days on a still-coming-in wisdom tooth.

No luck getting the swelling or pain to subside until I tried the teabag this morning! I don't have any green tea bags, but a mixed White & Green teabag has helped tremendously. Tastes a little bitter and I look a little silly, but I think I can get past that to not have the pain be nearly as strong (Thanks to the teabag remedy, it's been cut to about 25% of what it was!)

Thank you * a million!

TS in TN

This Tea Bag thing is AWESOME! I have suffered for an entire week with a 'Sickening' toothache, I went to the dentist but the antibiotic didn't work for me at all so instead of getting better, it just got worse.. I paced the floor, crying and praying for the pain to stop. I've had no sleep at all until just a few minutes ago when I tried the tea bag. I put the dry Green Tea bag in between my tooth and my cheek and less than 5 minutes later..THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN.


i have an abcessed tooth and found and tried the tea bag option but now my gum area is burning. Is this what normally happens?


You can go to your local Herb Shop and get Golden Seal and White oak Bark. Open each capsule and make a poltice with an empty teabag. Wet it a little and put in on the infected tooth. It will draw out the infection. And you can rinse with white oak bark, for pain relief.

Maria, NJ

It is Friday, my tooth is killing me. Swollen gum. cheek, even lips. Can't see dentist until Monday or Tuesday. Took a tea bag, no particular type, i think it was black tea, put the bag between he gum and cheek...within 1/2 hour my face is less swollen and the pain is VERY tolerable. Thank you all for the advise.


THIS WORKS!! I have been AGONIZING over an abscessed tooth for 3 days with horrible pain and terrible swelling both on the roof of my mouth and my face. Like others I had tried everything. I even went to the dentist today who told me I had to have the tooth pulled, gave me Penicillin VK and referred me to an oral surgeon (it's the 4th of July weekend so I'm stuck until Monday!) He didn't open or drain the tooth so I was still in agony to the point of tears. I found this site and tried putting a regular dry Lipton tea bag between my sore tooth and gum -- and it was like a MIRACLE! Within 5 minutes the pain was gone!! I left it in about 30 minutes and when I took it out the swelling inside my mouth had subsided enough for me to talk normally (instead of like Marlon Brando in the Godfather!) I did another tea bag for another 1/2 hour -- and then I was actually able to sleep for almost 4 hours in a row -- for the first time in 3 days! When I got up the tooth was hurting again -- so I used another tea bag and now I'm pain-free again! I just had to come here and let people know that THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!! (p.s. I told one of my friends this whose Mom used to be the nurse at an oral surgeons office for 15 years and she told me they used to tell all their emergency middle-of-the-night callers to use this tea bag trick!)


I wish I had read this 3 days ago, it really works. I got an idea how well it worked when I took out that first teabag. Yuck!


OMG!...i was in excrutiating pain all day and came to this site and read about the green tea bag.. i hadn't eaten in three days because of the swelling and pain. I put a green tea bag between my cheek and gum and in about an hour i had this awful taste in my mouth and i took the bag out...YUCK!..if you haven't tried it you MUST IT WORKS!!!!! no more pain and the infection is almost gone...thanks a million!!


omg!!!!! I have been sitting here in unbairable pain for four hours now I came across this website and I just got up and put a teabag in my mouth and walla no more pain now I don't want to take it to call the dentist lol.. thank you soo much this is great!!!


This was an amazing tip. The constant pain was reduced to a point where I could actually think of something other than the pain. Be careful when taking the teabag out though, mine ripped a bit and left a very bitter taste. Still WELL worth it.


agreed, tea bag works wonders! NOT a replacement for proper medical treatment, but works wonders to relieve pain for a few hours or days while you wait for the appointment... it's amazing! i also think that drinking a good deal of green tea is a good idea as it's just good for your immune system and teeth in general.... good stuff.


I have an impacted wisdom tooth and I a can't get in until Tuesday (its Friday) its pretty infected and painful..I am biting down on a green tea bag at the it better to place it against the tooth or bite down on it?


1 day and I have been in pain for 2 weeks!...OMG the tea bag is the best! I put it on for only 45 mins before I went to bed and the next morning while brushing my teeth the abscess popped! no more pain. I rinsed w/peroxide and the swelling went down instantly. I am still using the tea bag, but wow what a difference in a 24 hr period.


Was in pretty bad pain for several days and ibuprofen was just not working for very long. The tea bag works! I was able to get relief for a few hours just after a few minutes with the tea bag in my mouth. I've also been brewing my tea much stronger and drinking it 'black' and the whole area feels much better than it did.

Carrie Smith

I was very skeptical about this. I was in so much pain I would try anything. After being in so much pain I was crying, I put a green tea bag (green tea and orange blossom) into my mouth over the swollen gum. It came out covered in mucus stuff. I put another in and then another. After about 5 of them over 2 hours the pain was gone. This really works and I am not really someone who trusts home remedies. My dentist didn't believe me when I told him. I have antibiotics to clear up the underlying infection but thanks to this teabag trick I don't have to take the painkillers anymore.


Can say it works very well. Although I'm mixing it with temporary relief I figured would relieve the discomfort and allow me to get some sleep until I can to the ER or Dentist tomorrow.

Great temporary relief - Alcohol. That's right, make yourself pass out drunk. I'm not a drinker, in fact I haven't touched liquor since I was about 15 but I read it's great for temporary relief. I grabbed a shot glass, some vodka, and some tequila needless to say I'm in heaven (not literally otherwise I wouldn't be typing this) The pain is merely gone and I can sleep!

What I did. Do note that is only a temporary solution, SEE A DOCTOR/DENTIST IMMEDIATELY! Get drunk, not pass out drunk but enough to where the pain is starting to numb. Put a tea bag in between the gums and cheek for roughly an hour two. Drink some more, feel good enough to get some rest.

For me, it's been two days. Day one wasn't so bad however I woke up on three hours of sleep in immense pain. Throughout day two I tried Naproxen (Stronger than Ibprofen) however it didn't fully take away the pain. There was still that general feeling of discomfort which in my case, makes me not able to sleep. So on the night of day two I researched, found out what is was and how I could ease the pain. The best temporary solution seemed to be boo's and the best temporary/permanent solution seemed to be a tea bag followed by salt water or peroxide. (Do make sure you spit if using a tea bag) Don't swallow.

I'm good enough to sleep and found a way to hold me over until I can visit a professional, that's what I recommend..

Tamura j. From Birmingham ,Alabama



I am trying the tea bag now I have no money to get my wisdom tooth pulled and I just started working so I'm waiting on insurance. It happens on the same side every time . The only thing the walk in clinic dose is give me antibiotics . So I hope the tea bags work until I can get to a dentist

angela owen

Oh my after days of horrific pain with an abscess covering the entire roof of my mouth. Antibiotics and enough colour pills to make a skittles packet jealous! I desperately tried to find anything online to help I stumbled across this, am sat with a teabag stuffed in my mouth feeling the pain and pressure melt away. I could kiss the person who started this page. You my friend are awesome it really truly works x


Oh my i've tired so many things but nothing worked until I start searching until I came across this site and let me tell you , thank you. I was in si much pain and its been 6 days but today was the worse day ever.My mouth was to swollenand I went to the sentiat and they gave me meds and the pain pills didnt work.I sent my mom to the store and she got me tea bags and within 5 mins I felt it working.Im so hapy and grateful words cant describe..thank you all so much i've reed every single post.. :)


Holly crap this worked within 5 mins. I attempted every thing from salt water amoxicillin the tooth jell apple cider vineger and nothing fazed it.

Thank god


Along with all the other comments, I too have been in pain past few days. Ibuprophen, hydrocodone, etc. currently have green tea bag between tooth & gum. The throbbing is starting to ease. This is great. Thank You Jesus!!!🙏🙌🏻


might have worked a little bit, but now my lip hurts from trying to contain a massive tea bag. probably works better for side gums.


Shit don't work


Omg this really doesn't work I'm so happy.


I used a green tea and lemon, slightly damp, tea bag over night for two nights, placed between my gum and lip. It drew the infection out into a disgusting looking lump on my gum which burst the next day and now the infection is gone, highly recommend!


I found out about the teabag trick yesterday and used it both yesterday morning and this morning and it works like a charm! I'm actually using it at the moment seeing as no dentists would take me on Friday because for some reason all dentists i called didnt have any dentists in or were on holiday,so i'm going to try to get an appointment as soon as the dentist opens but the things that seem to work best are clove oil and mostly the teabag. I'm drooling like crazy though and my boyfriend laughs at me whenever he sees me using it but the pain has gone down so much!


I have been dealing with a sever toothace for the past week. I am currently on the road with my husband. So I won't be home for a nother week. I have tried tea bags. It's not working at all. What are some other options y'all could come up with? Any help is very appreciated


For 7 days I have suffered the worst pain from a lower molar tooth. I tried asprin, moltrin, salt water, baking soda, salt and pepper mixture. Tried rinsing with vodka. Its Sunday night and I waa about to go to the hospital. I rembered about the green tea bag trick. I put it on the cavity and within 5 minutes the pain is complety gone. Wondering how long it will work for?


I don't have the money to get to a dentist right now and I'm starting to get an abscess on one of my left side molars. I put a green tea bag in between my tooth and my cheek and the pain has gone from a 8 to a 1! I just hope it draws out the infection so I don't have to deal with this anymore!

Sarah D

5 hours before I'm supposed to get on a plane and the lump and pain in my gum is pretty intense. Saw an emergency dentist yesterday who gave me strong antibiotics. Swished mouth out last night with rock salt hot water and now 4am and I wake up with this lump on gum. Normal teabag been in 5 minutes . So here's hoping it draws the crap out. Cancelled flight though 😢


Trying it Now!


So i looked and looked and there were so many options i decided to try a littke experiment. So many had successes and failures with one method or another .. So i combined several. I took minced garlic garlic powder parsley flakes oregano leaves basil leaves ground clove ground cumin and the insides of a used tea bag along with a few drops of homey just to hold it all together i cut the top off a tea bag and emptied it.. Cut the string in half tied off one end and filled it tied offnthe other end and applied it to the abscess and nearly instant realief.. I checked it a few minutes later and a small head had formed its already starting to drain .. Slowly so far but the pressure is already reduced bt 1/3 in minutes


My jaw was swollen to the size of a golfball, i couldnt see a dentist for two weeks. My sister( who is a dental assistant) told me to use a black tea bag. I left it in for 30 minutes and my swelling was completely gone. Thank god! No pain and no swelling!


I have been using a teabag against my tooth now for almost 24 hours and the pain is just getting worse and worse. At first it got better but then I woke up at 3am in extreme pain when before I used the teabag it was only an annoying kind of pain. What should I do?? Is it hurting because im pissing it off or is it hurting because its working?? Please help. Thanks.

Mike B. in Winnipeg

Main pain was gone in 20/30 minutes and was feeling much better after 90 minutes with tea bag in place. The pain is gone but my gum is sore. That I can deal with. All is well in just under 2 hours and I'm enjoying a movie, just started. I might fall asleep in the chair before it ends. Feeling much better.


I'm super stressed its my 2nd day with an abscess forming my matric dance is on the 8th I get back in the country on the 7th of April. I can't afford for this to go bad for me trying it tomorrow will keep you updated


My sister wants to know if you get it wet first?


Well I have an infected tooth. And my jaw has swollen because of this. I am in a lot of pain and the swelling is bothering me. I have tried the salt water trick. And I have put two tea bags on the tooth for a half hour at a time. And so far, nothing. I keep hearing the tea bag does wonders but it has been swollen for a few days now and still nothing. I just tried the tea bag trick earlier.





YAY!!! It works!!! After three days of withering and crying in pain from violently throbbing tooth pain,I tried the tea bag remedy it worked right away despite the bad taste of the tea leaves,I can finally sleep at night without waking up in pain


It has worked for me! Dipping the bag in a bit of baking soda and salt mixture salt seemed to help even more so. Perhaps creating a hypertonic solution aided in drawing out the swelling/infection as well? Not sure but it's worked better than the ibuprofen for me. I alternated with & without the soda/salt because it seems to make the skin raw after a while. Good luck!


This tea bag remedy may have some soothing affect but I'm not so sure part is placebo. I have one in right now and it seems like the infection is being pushed around instead of drawing it out. I think enough pain you will try anything. Perhaps I'm wrong. Nice post. Thank you.


I tried the tea bag and it didn't work for me it made my cheek feel like leather and it seems to hurt more than before I did the tea bag treatment I have no money for it to be pulled so I guess I'll keep looking for more home remedies

TEA BAG BELIEVR - 3 days of swelling and pain relieved

Yesterday was so bad that you could see half my face was swollen from under the eye and nose and was getting worse. My gums were inflammed and so red I didnt even see the infection. Around 3pm I googled and read the teabag suggestion. I replaced my teabags every hour. OMG the immediate relief and soothing feeling. It takes the heat out of the infection and over the next 3 hours pulls the toxins to the top. My gums became soft and I could feel the infection. At first I used dry tea bags but by the 3rd one I used wet. I believe both work. That night I slept for 6 hours. changing the teabag quickly every chance i stirred. Miracle. The 2 nights before I hadnt slept because of swelling. Thanks yous for sharing and yes Im now a teabag believer and tell everybody about it. It makes sense pulling out the toxins naturally too. No A&E for me soon but the dentist yes !!


Been dealing with accessed tooth root for two days. I was using Vanilla extract to help with pain, but kept getting up throughout night to reapply. Found this sight and have a green tea bag in my mouth right now. It's been fifteen minutes and I already feel better. It is working.


Shit don't work been trying still in pain


Awake again at 2:45am with throbbing pain. Screw it!!! I'm trying the tea bag method because I am over the pills!!!! I used a Bigelow Lemon Lift tea bag. I wet mine first with warm water and then stuffed the bag between gums and lip/mouth. Mind you I was going CrAzY with pain like you are right now. Within 5 minutes, pain was subsiding really and truly. I couldn't find a 100\% "rule" on how long to keep it in there, but I am going with the 1 hour suggestion. Hopefully I can get in to see the doc on Monday!! Until then I'm tea baggin' it!! Don't wait as long as I did to try this!! Do it now!!!!


Healtheries St John's Wort teabags work best to draw out the infection and clear it right up. Then incorporate a daily mouthwash/gargle of water and hydrogen peroxide to rid your mouth of bacteria and prevent abcess ever happening again


Also clove oil kills the most severe tooth pain instantly


I have been in so much pain with this lower molar. Everytime I would make an appointment with my dentist they would call and tell me that the Dr is out sick today. I have a tea bag in my mouth right now. It's been there for about 20 minutes. My gum around the tooth is still sore but the aching and throbring are gone...and to think...why didn't I get on the Internet and look for home remidies sooner. Maybe I wouldn't have had to cry in pain for a week. What a relief. ..


YES!!! Ok, this really did work! I went to bed w a tooth ache and woke the next morning to a large lump above a back molar. This was a Sunday. I couldn't even bite down and the pain was not local, but overtook my whole head. I applied a tea bag and let rest for 2hrs. Then gargled w salt water. And repeated throughout the day and night. Next morning, at 8am, the abscess popped. No dentist, no tooth pulled. I will continue to oil pull w coconut and clove oill, and occasionally salt water rinse. But the infection has been pulled out, and I'm happy to report... Thank God for black or green tea leaves, all meds begin w NATURAL product!! Amen!!

Yassin M.

You could go to an herb shop and buy Goldenseal and white thistle or you can go to the Dollar Tree and buy a box of Lipton, either way it's cheaper and better for you than antibiotics. This doesn't only work for a tooth infection it's also great for eye infections or any other type of infection where there is a way for the tea to come in contact with infected area and an exit for any built-up pus and fluid. The caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and relieves pain that's why they put it in Excedrin, and as to why it's able to literally suck out all of the infected material pus at cetera I have no idea except to say that for every disease God has created a cure we only need to find it. Find it. Not synthesize it.


People throughout the Middle East and Far East have been using this method since long long before any antibiotics had been invented


I can say the (Black) Tea Bag trick really works. I too am sitting here with a tea bag in my mouth and the pain went away after just a couple minutes. The swelling has gone down too. Thankfully I found this site. I'm going to try and sleep with it in overnight and hopefully it will draw out the infection.


I have tried garlic cloves it works so so if you can stand your gums burning and onion will work too as long as you don't smoke.fresh papaya slices work too but the only thing I found to draw the infection and pain was the tea bag!! used Listerine original and feels so good to be able to eat and sleep again!!


After several days of fighting with my. Toothache at work and while lookin after my busy 2 year old. I decided to try this tea bag technique and it WORKS!! So glad I tried it.


I love this remedy, i use black tea vs green however, actually my go to tea bag is a passion fruit, papaya and black tea blend. The papaya helps with inflammation as well as helps with the taste.


Didn't work for me unfortunately. I'm in absolutely excruciating pain. I'm on amoxicillian due to infection and dead nerve. I've been in antibiotic for 34 hours now, I'm swollen and hurting so badly. I've tried everything. Hoping Tomorrow is better.


I'm sorry for the folks who haven't found relief. I have a white teabag on my upper gums, hoping for relief from my dying tooth, which has made the left side of my face swollen and painful. Just started antibiotics. I can't take painkillers because I get addicted to anything. This infection is the wreckage of my past. Too little dental care, now I'm paying the price.


I'd like to update: the first night I used the tea bag I didn't notice a change in swelling, but today I put a dry tea bag on my gum and within two hours the swelling was down about 75\\%. Granted I'm on day two of antibiotics and ibuprofen, but the dry tea bag made a difference for sure. Keep trying.




Do you wet the tea bag first or put in dry.


Black tea bags REALLY WORK. I have a broken tooth right next to an old crown that abcessed under both teeth and along the gum line. The tea bag not only helps ease the pain while on it is also helping to drain the blood and pus out from the infection. I slip the wet tea bag between my cheek and gums and leave in 20-30 minutes then remove the tea bag and wipe off the gunk that it helped drain from my infection. It took several times before my infection to begin to drain but once it started to drain the reduction in pain is SUCH a relief after 3 days minimal sleep low grade fevers minimal food and ghastly pain.

I will DEFINITELY always keep tea bags on hand just in case.


just tried the black tea bag any it does help have to keep wiping gunk off but it will help

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