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Submitted by Chip

Stay away from dirty needles. Inappropriate sexual behaviour should be avoided.
This is the best remedy. Not to catch it unless your born with it or contracted it from a transfusion.God bless those for Jesus can be the only remedy i know of. Try it. What will you lose except the ways that got you there not accidentally. If not cured then Peace will comfort best no matter what your condition. Sincerely serious.

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Submitted anonymously


Submitted by What is Truth?

Could we stop all the religious comments? I mean its good to have faith in something, but don't try to PUSH your views upon others. There are many religions out there, and only that person can decide which one they will follow, or not follow. Who are you to say that your religion is the right one?

But don't me wrong, faith is not a bad thing. It can be powerful when dealing with disease. It can cause placebo effects or miracle healing. It also promotes good character, love, morality, and other good values that we don't see often in this world.

Submitted by lost cousin to AIDS

what about the baby born to an infected mother? what about the man raped in a dark alley? What about the woman who got it from her dentist?

Submitted anonymously

faith can heal you, you sillies!

Submitted by Donny

I haven't tried to push anything on anyone through what I've said before. I have just simply provided information on, from my experience, has and will work for any sickness, not just AIDS. Think about this though; How come whenever someone speaks out about Christianity, it's so suddenly swept under the carpet and a big 'hush, hush' is put into play? But, when someone talks about evolution, the Darwin theory, Hindu, Muslims, or any other type of faith, it's openly accepted and talked about. Anything that exalts itself against the truth of Jesus Christ and brings the attention away from him, is in fact accepted. Let me ask you this; 'What year is it?' 2009 right? 2009 from what? The birth of Jesus. Don't you find it interesting that the entire world is basing their lives on a dating system that starts with the birth of a man. He must have been a pretty significant role in the worlds' entirety. And to the person who lost a relative to AIDS, That sucks. And there are bad things that happen all over the world. The fact is, that God is still God no matter what happens. And there are some things in my life that have not went perfect or have hit me pretty hard, but God trade in the ashes for beauty. There is always something good that can come from something tragic. My heart does definitely break for those who are the victims of something terrible.

Submitted by fredia


Submitted by keepitclean

There is no cure for a.i.d.s. as yet, but for *relief*, Black Elder is supposed to be very helpful. you can drink cordial made from the flowers or preserves and desserts containing the berries are also supposed to be helpful.
please note that i have not personally tested these remedies, i am just passing on information found elsewhere

Submitted by aa

all you need is 2 table spoons of anti aid you can buy it at your local pharmacy for like 2$ very cheap

Submitted by An evening that ended in disaster.

???????? What is inappropriate sexual behavior? ??????????

Submitted anonymously

Jesus was just a really nice guy, not a cure for anything. In fact he was so cool that he could turn water into wine... I'd invite him to my party! But seriously, Jesus isn't a cure for anything (except 'sin') and never claimed to be.

The bible should not be taken literally. It is a compilation of folk tales and allegories with an underlying value or lesson that one can learn from. Jesus was a good citizen and people are supposed to live life by his example.

Jesus would not want you to judge people who get AIDS from dirty needles or otherwise because he is a cool guy who forgives us for everything. Even inappropriate sexual acts (whatever that means).

In addition, I have a problem with Evolution being lumped in with religions. Religions are supported by some random book(s) and faith. Evolution is supported by loads of scientific evidence and is obviously occurring (check out all the different dog breeds we've selected for!).

I know evolution is a theory, but so is gravity and no one questions Sir Issac Newton! Plus, Darwin was not the first to suggest that evolution was occurring. Evolutionary theory dates back to the ancient greeks. The spread of Christianity stopped the scientific progress of ancient cultures. This is why the 'Dark Ages' are associated with religion and stupidity, while the Enlightenment is associated with education and NOT religion.

However, evolution and religion are separate entities. For example, someone who is a Christian can also believe in evolution. In fact, the Roman Catholic church recognizes evolution as a valid truth. Perhaps we should revise the bible again?? Its been translated and rewritten so many times that the original content has definitely changed anyway.

I have respect for someone with the guts to be skeptical and ask for evidence before blindly believing in something. Religion is dangerous because people will just believe in it without question, so it can be used for good or evil (like terrorism). I don't understand when people who have 'faith' (blind belief) question theories with physical evidence behind them... kind of hypocritical.

Jesus wasn't hypocritical.

So back to AIDS home remedies....
All of the suggestions are ways to prevent AIDS, not home remedies for people with the disease.

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