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My husband is currently suffering from an extremely large staph related abscess on his head. We cannot afford to go to the doctor, so I have been searching this website for a remedy all night and now all morning. I have greatly appreciated all of the suggestions that the submitted posters have been giving, and will be attempting them all. Starting with the hot epsom salt bath, and various poultice's throughout the day, and detoxing teas as well as mutli-vitamins. I am in dire need to fix this problem for it is a very frightening experience, and he is not allowed to hold our 8 month old daughter until his infection is gone. It is causing him physical and emotional pain and it needs to end, soon! I hope to have the same luck as you all.

Last night, however, I tried one remedy that I found on another website. I sliced two thick, fresh onion slices and placed them over his CLEAN affected area (make sure that before you do anything to your body with binding over night that you clean it thoroughly) and bandaged him overnight (well, three hours, considering our child woke up early this morning...). He says today that the pain has increased and that the pressure has also increased. The onions acid is supposed to help pull and ripen the boil. So, I am assuming it did it's job.

I hope I have a success and should I, I will post the methods that I used for him!

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I have been getting abscess on my lower back (not buttocks) for about 4 to 5 years and they are so painful! I have had surgery to remove and it just came back on the other side. The area is so sensitive I got tired of having it drained and messed with and just learned to endure the pain and let it drain on its own. This time it happens to be really bad so I decided to do some research and apparently onion is the answer. This morning I put 2 thick slices of raw Onion and covered with a cloth. It's been about 30 minutes so I'm waiting to see if the hype is real.


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Make a paste of aloe gel and sulpher powder,

Plaster infected area , will dry out and kill staph!

Repeat daily. Grafruit seed extract drops in juice

twice a day is strongest natural antibiotic! Detox

Teas and a lots of water to flush out toxins!

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