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Hi Im Ry from the Phils, I just had the same problem, then I recently surf this site bout ACV, for a week now ive been using it, and it worked for me, most of my warts become small, just put a part of ACV with water at first on cotton ball then put it in my hole, it stings.. day after day i moderately increase the amount of ACV over water, im doing this every morning for an hour or two as long as i can tolerate the sting and night before going to bed but i dont leave it there, if it burns, I just remove the cotton balls and replace it with a milder deluted one and the feeling is not quite okey.. this is my 5th day, i can touch the difference :) a traces bleeding though..

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Try wart cleanse bar by Forces of nature.

Also try:

Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, duct tape, inside of banana, Newton's wart homopathetic, warm oatmeal baths help with itching, boost immune system, eat raw organic food, drink green smoothies, stop smoking, exercise, reduce stress.

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