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I'm currently in the middle of trying this turmeric paste + tea trea oil combo. When I first noticed the abscesses (I have 2) neither was too terribly sore. One of them was already draining, and I squeezed a ton of pus and blood from it. It's not really that painful now, but the other one that was literally painless yesterday is now in excrutiating pain. It hasn't gotten any bigger that I can tell but after doing 2 treatments of paste at night for 2 nights in a row and taking a turmeric supplement in the morning, it's now hurting like crazy. Does this mean it's come to a head and it's only a matter of time before it bursts or does it just mean that something has irritated it? I've also been doing sitz baths. I'm not getting the quick results you guys are... it's been 2 days so far and I feel like it's actually worse than it was when I started. Comments or suggestions welcome.

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Hopefully by now your abscess has drained. I had a horrible abscess the week before you while on vacation. I made a turmeric paste with lidocaine gel. I applied the paste on a Weds and Thursday morning. On Thursday night the abscess started to drain and I was feeling much better. The pain did seem to intensify after applying the paste. I also used a heating pad and did very warm sitz bath.


Hi did your abscess grt worse or did it work in the end?


Please let us know if your abscess healed after trying this method?


Does this only apply once u already had surgery?


I am trying all of your recommendation for the first time. It sounds pretty successful. Crossing my fingers that it works. Ah the human body -- such fun :-P


Hi guys! I was diagnosticated with Perianal Abscess, went to see the doctor and He gave 2 antibiotics to take. It's the third day on them and It's got a lot bigger than It was before.

Is it normal? Does it mean that It's the antibiotics working?

Please, looking forward to hearing back from someone.


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