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I have had angular cheilitis for pretty much half year, it started when I had lots of stress and lack of sleep for couple of months in a row , firSt thing I got was athletes foot ,and then I knew my immune system was damaged and seems like somehow it spreaded to my mouth, it was pretty bad at the time, could open my mouth as the cracks was bleeding , it was hard to talk and especially almost imposible to eat, back then I didn't realise it's angular cheilitis. When I knew something isn't OK angular cheilitis already was kinda in my nose, I was little bit ill back then and had running nose and I felt it was cracked and really painful. I tried everything and nothing helped , I tried anty fungal creams, and some steroid creams as well, think "Fucibet cream" fusidic acid/betamethasone was the one I felt like helped me. As doctors was saying I have a sold core "lol" I just asked them for prescription and it helped. And one more is really good because it gives you that moisturising feeling its called "Fucidin ung.2\\%" bought it in Latvia dont know how its called in UK or anywhere else, good thing abt it is that you can apply it longer than Fucibet, easily for a month . Of Fucibet the cracks were gone in day or two, But I kept curing it for few more months till now, I saw these weird I would say scars in corners of mouth which seemed to get worse if I didn't apply anything on them after eating or drinking something. I kept feeling some weird sensitive/dry feeling on my lip's and i though cheilitis somehow still there and was afraid horible cracks will come back. Can anyone tell me are thouse scars I still have there and i shouldnt be worried anymore?And could it be that I have damaged my lips with all of them steroid creams and that's the reason my lips doesn't feel normal? Link -

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I had the same problem you described and by the time i found out what the problem was i almost died. And the problem was something that i could of solved had i known what it was. I was severely anemic. I had to go in hospital to get 3 bags of blood. Now i take iron on a daily basis and it has not come back. So try taking iron because you may not have the chelitis at all.

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