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Hey everyone. I recently realized I have anal warts and have come across this site. I had some warts right on the inside of my anus and when applying the ACV for a few days, they would turn white and would start to bleed. At first they looked like they would disappear but after letting my anus heal for a day, looking again there were more than when I started! I have been doing this on and off for a few weeks with no luck. I don't have a primary care and I only put an urgent care center for my insurance because I usually never get sick, go figure. Does anyone else have any luck with any other products other than ACV. Also, if I decide to see a specialist, do I need to get a referral or can I just make an appointment with the specialist and what type of specialist would handle this type of procedure? I know I have a few questions in this one post but I hope someone can help me out! Good luck everyone!

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Just continue using ACV and TEA TREE OIL alternate. Be patient and continue putting the clean cotton with ACV and TTOIL leave it for 30 min in your warts it will work. Don't lose hope pray and it will work bless you!


Tea tree oil worked for me. Burts bees herbal blemish stick is what I bought at the store. It burns but not as bad as ACV and it actually works.


Thanks to you both! I'll stick with it then and hope it will get them gone


You're seeking to see a specialist I'd advise you to go to your city clinic 1st. I was going regularly to my city clinic for the 1st 6 months and would get the warts frozen off. Had to go to the specialist to get the internal ones. You have to make an appt to see the specialist. It's a little scary at 1st but 3 years later I don't have any breakouts, yet it's not as soft as originally. I think it's due to the intense freezing. I googled this morning and read yours and many other posts. I have both Apple Cider Vingar and Tea Tree Oil, haven't used them but considering it.


After getting them froze off, did they come back?

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