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Go to the Dentist

Seriously what's wrong with you people

scared yeh I know the feeling
on one occasion i ran from the dentists

my dad saw the dentist my mother chasing me down the road so he came hot on their heels chasing me in the car

but common how much pain is it really
ten secs with the injection
pain gone

then its just uncomfortable while they fiddle around in your mouth

but you see people going weeks and months some for years (like my sister) with toothache and in the end a 30-40 min experience and its all over

just pick up the phone call the dentist and its all over in under 1 hour

you will thank me as soon as you been to the dentist

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Get moving

It is so sad that dental care is so expensive.My friend was told it would cost a lot to have tooth pulled she was

pretty ticked she researched and

drove to San Diego a cab driver took across to Mexico and she arrived to the this dentist clinic it was packed with you got it Americans!!!

She talked to lots of people that could not afford care so they came here, some could afford care but refused to pay inflated prices for dental.

It is an options...medical tourism is here. I used to be a social worker and we used to send people to an emergency clinic where different dentist volunteered monthly and they would do the dental work for free. Also there were free dental clinic in the city I think a couple times a year where several dentist would donate time and help people . Lastly call the dentist office and most dentists will take payments and/or call the county or city line for referral . Do not just keep suffering there is help out there


Not all dentists can get you in during emergency situations like these. Even if you don't have dental insurance and can pay cash....we are STILL at the mercy of the dentists schedule....are you a moron??!!


If dentist wouldn't try to pay off their porches with 2 root canals maybe I would go more. No really wanting to finance his wife's next boob job either


Not everyone one has the luxury of having mom n dad to pay for a dentist..lucky for you, you very greatful for that..


Had an infection with a swollen cheek for a few days. I did the following to get rid of the swelling:

Glossed after or before rinsing with the following solutions:

Hydrogen peroxide (several times)

Baking soda (handful of times)

Garlic ( many times)

Olive oil ( handful of times)

Salt and water (many times)

Also, ate potatoes, vitamin C supplements, clove leaves, salmon, and broccoli, as well as spoonfuls of garlic.

Iced cheek for a night, slept or rested for the weekend , drank water, and did have a few ibuprofen. The start of Swelling on Fridays was gone by Monday.


Try massaging gums and squeezing them around the abcess. Yes I know may hurt like hell at first but relieves pain at least for me it did.hydrogen peroxide too.


Here are some relevant tips- see more here


Some can't AFFORD the dentist!

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