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Submitted by A.RayRivas623

Tea bags help pull out the abcess i have had one that has worked its way up to my sinuses giving me the worst pain and headache i have ever felt in my life.first get a tea bag and place it where the pain is leave it there for about 30min or so then when u feel the pressure. Subside take it out and chances are its going to be coverd with a whole lotta nasty puss blood etc didnt think it would wrk but when salt watter didnt help anymore this did good luck getn rid of the pain god bless

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Submitted by daisy

This also worked for me. I am against pharmaceutical drugs and have been studying holistic alternative's. Which some of what has been said here is true. But it seems trade ppl are commenting here as well. However the tea & gargling are the key. Keep it clean (gargaling salt water & tumerik) use tea bag. I used organic peppermint. & for me prayer. The first night much pain wasn't sure would it pass. But second night pain free. The adsessce should bust once this is repeated. I also sleep with hot douch bag sleep great. Remember drugs cure with side affects to other things. The right Herbs cure period.

Submitted by Nervous Nellie

Is the tea bag right out of the box, or warmed first? We have tried using Melaleuca Herbal tea bags and now went to a Green Tea... would appreciate any feedback!

Submitted anonymously

Do u put the tea bag in water first

Submitted by cute cookie cat

I've tried it and it hadn't worked. it is now 6:00 am and i am dying.

Submitted by June

Go to the pet store and pick up a bottle of Fish Mox and also take Acetaminophen. I have been doing this this on and off whenever I have an issue and it always works.

Submitted by Barb

How much fish Mox do you take, I'm tempted to try it. It says not for human consumption though

Submitted by Momof3

Are we wetting the tea bag??? Are we going inside/outside the mouth?

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