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Submitted by The Dental Receptionist

Hello everyone! I know most of you are in pain right now and the last thing you want to do is read a paragraph about my background, but my background may provide proof that these remedies have worked in the past. So here's my background. I am a dental receptionist and also a dental assistant two days a week at our clinic. I get several calls a day from patients who have cracked their tooth, or have a swollen face. Here is what my dentist has me tell our patients who may have to wait a few days to get in, since we only have a capacity to see 8-9 patients a day.

First tip, you CAN go to an emergency room at any time and state 'I have an abscessed tooth and the dentist recommended that I come in.' An abscess is an infection that is usually around the nerve/root of a tooth. This is the MOST common reason you're experiencing pain.

My second tip, take two Tylenol and then two Ibuprofen an hour after the Tylenol. Take water as hot as you can stand in your mouth, without burning yourself, and put in a cup and fill about half-way. Then add two table spoons of salt, salt is a great healing agent that helps kill bacteria naturally, add two pinches of garlic powder and mix together. Rinse your mouth out with this mixture for about 3 minutes, spit and repeat at least three times. After this rinse, mix equal parts water with hydrogen peroxide and rinse, spit, and then let it sit in your mouth for about three minutes. This will take care of the pain for a while.

If you have a small crack, or a small filling fell out, take a piece of bread and tear off an inch size piece and press on the affected tooth. This is a great idea if you are headed to the dentist that day or want to fall asleep.

Please, if your dentist has advised you not to try these remedies, trust his/her judgement. When we offer this advice to patients we make sure they understand that these are just home remedies and are not to be mistaken for medical/dental advice.

Many people suggest clove oil, which will help sometimes with pain but be advised that clove oil will kill the nerve and may affect your chances of saving the tooth.

An abscess can turn into a very bad situation if not treated promptly. Not having insurance or not able to afford a visit to the dentist should never be an excuse. The situations are always treated as an emergency and every clinic has a policy to treat you with or without insurance if you have an abscessed tooth. The infection can spread all over your mouth and even to your heart, causing serious illness or even death. Payment plans are always given and even a discount if you pay the same day as your visit in many offices. In our clinic an extraction ranges from $127-$285, depending on the tooth.

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Submitted anonymously

This actually works

Submitted by alwaysinpain

This does work! 10 minutes ago I was in excruciating pain from a very broken tooth I haven't been able to get pulled yet, and now I feel barely any pain after this! I've always tried salt and water, but the garlic powder definitely helps!

Submitted anonymously

I love how you stated do not let not having insurance or money be an excuse, so tell me is your clinic going take in people for free .....

Submitted anonymously

I know you mean well but you don't seem to understand that 127 dollars is a lot of money for many people. Thats a quarter of my rent. Dental care has never been affordable and more than likely never will be. I happen to live in a town where trying to get help from the county is, pardon the pun, like pulling teeth.

Submitted by Melissa

For the smarty pants who obviously didn't read it through. . She said don't let money be an issue because you can go to the e.r. and they will drain the infection and provide antibiotics. Same thing a dentist will do. And it's free to walk in there to the hospital. Of course you will get a bill later but it's still temporary relief

Submitted anonymously

Wow.. this remedy worked wonders! Thanx so much for the post DESPITE the nasty ungrateful comments..I appreciate ur post even tho the previous ppl didn't!

Submitted anonymously

Just so you know, dentists do not have to take patients for free. Also the payment plan is only available to those with good credit. Dentists are extremely expensive. Great for those who can afford it.

Submitted by Crystal

Dentists require payment up front or they will not see you at all have to pay 170 something for x-Ray then another 170-250 to actually get pulled. As far as going to the e.r. they wil prescribe antibiotics and pain killer. The infection will return because not able to get pulled and now have a 5000 er bill not able to pay.

Submitted by deedee

i need a free clinic for urgent dental care-i have severe jaw pain from infection,probably unseen abscesses; no way to pay anything and my medicaid will not cover even emergency extractions or fillings.

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