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i was banging my head against the floor when my dog alerted me to your site for home cures on abscessed tooth. First thank you i mean all of you guys.i am working with sensodyne tooth paste. baking soda and tea bags. tried the peroxide and alcohol. this will be night one no sleep of course. i have manage to get pain down enough to focus and type. But this pain is a monster ! i just took 2 tabs of echinacea hope that aspirin no ibuprofen. no cannabis..i will up date in a few hours or when mr monster starts knocking on my lower back K-9 right side tooth.. but thanks again some relief was obtain tonight. update no dentist will take obamacare should have know.. 10;31 pm ohio

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Try small amounts of heroin this will work do not get carried away cuz addiction is a bitch but your mouth will not hurt I know because cancer and chemo took my gum bone early in life causing all my teeth to abscess slowly over the years I have had to pull my own teeth out when faraway from dentist pain subsides instantly but do not do this unless you have no choice. Most dentist want a lot of money for a 4 dollar script

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