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Submitted by DANO L

I had nerve pain in my tooth for days, couldn't eat or sleep, i never expierenced pain like tht in my life. i was so desperate i was willing to try anything, nothing worked. i couldn't find any CLOVES oil so i gi=ot the ground up CLOVES in the spice section and made a paste, put it straight on my tooth and it burnt like hell for a while but after about 30 min. the pain was all gone. them CLOVEs are a miracle. u can put them in a tea bag and use them like tht but i strongly recommend trying the CLOVES, believe me u wont regret it...

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Submitted by Stacey

How did you make a paste out of it?

Submitted by Larry

Thanks for the remedy it worked I've been in pain for two weeks and it finally swelled up to the size of a football over night I put the ground cloves on it and almost instantly the pain reduced around 90% now I'm drinking tea with honey gonna try vitamin c as well for antibiotics I've got to get the swelling down so I can pull it at this point I think I can handle it myself I can't afford a dentist thank god for cloves and you for your post.

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Submitted by KMJ

Please how did you make the paste out of it?? I'm in pain and would like to try this.

Submitted by Ash

You weren't kidding when you said it burned like hell. Now to see if it kills the pain. Hopefully it will do a better job then my Norco has been doing.

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