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I have tried so many different remedies and must of spent so much on different spot treatments! I dont have acne but when I get spots - I get them bad!!! So I did read through a lot of these but realised I had actually tried most of them. So I decided just to go and make my own and put this and that together and go! So I got some toothpaste and applied a thin layer onto the area which needed treating. Then I applied a layer sudocrem on top of this and rubbed it in. Then I went one step further and added a layer of Vicks (treatment for colds!) I rubbed it all in and left it for half an hour. It may sting but it works! I could feel the Vicks soothing my skin and actually felt the area go cold and relax. When I washed it off the redness had been reduced - lets face it these things take time - but by the morning my skin had cleared! Whoooo! Now I leave it on over night and wash off in the morning. Please try this and comment me your results! You can leave it on for as short/long as you like - Good luck! xx

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Submitted by Heena

What is sudocrem

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it works

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What type of toothpaste?

Submitted by Tisha

Did you apply on your whole face or just affected areas?

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My son gets huge type ones on his nose. Poor guy is so pitiful . He hates going to high school with them ,when they break out. If I only knew what the cream was to mix with the other ingredients I would do this. Please answer if you can.

Submitted by Rach

Sudocrem is a nappy rash/eczema/bed sore cream containing zinc oxide. It's an Australian product so, you may not be able to obtain it if you are not from here? I'm guessing any sort of nappy/diaper cream that is zinc based may work in exchange tho? This is the problem with this site being worldwide... I've seen some great-sounding remedies, only to find one or more of the products needed arenot available in Australia!
Anyway, hope this answers your question! I'm not sure if the original poster would have got back to you or not..

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What does tge vicks do? I know mexicans use it for everything. But what exactly does it do?

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sudocrem is an Irish nappy rasrash cream for babies you van get it on amazon

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