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Submitted by Emily

I have suffered eith massive lumps under arm amd groin for years, and i was in too much pain and antibiotics where not working, so i wnet to a alternative docotor tyoe thing and alternative doctor suggested taking vitiams and fish oils 3 times a day, it has worked.

he also suggeted I have a possible gluten allergy so I when on a gluten free diet. It has appeared to work with my lumps and migraines.

For the odd lumps I try heat and tee tree, it doesnt really work. Any ideas?

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Submitted anonymously

Have you looked at hidradenitis supprativa? May save your life! I diagnosed myself.

Submitted by halfp

I have had lumps under my arm an even on my breast..I've been to doctor's an all mine was is way to much caffeine..look I didn't never stop an I still drank a six pack of MT.DEW every day..but when they come up I slow down drank a lot of water my headaches are gone... BUT PLEASE GET CHECKED my sister past from just small headaches her hole life 37 yrs old from a Brian aneurysm

Submitted by Mac

Would you be so kind as to share exactly what vitamins the doctor recommended?

Submitted by absolutely appalled

UNREAL have you heard of SPELLCHECK???? Moron!

Submitted by JJ

Suggestion - When coming across a post with incorrect spelling/grammar instead of throwing a name calling hissy fit...why not try looking at it as an opportunity to exercise your code breaking/translation skills?!

Also, keep in mind that for many - (Proper) English is not their primary language.

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