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Thank you for suggesting Pickle Juice. I was sitting in the middle of the bed rocking back and forth praying for the pain to go away. I went on line to home remedies for acid. Reflux and pickle juice and peanut butter appeared several times. Within a few short minutes of drinking the juice and eating 2 slices of pickles the pain faded away. Thank GOD it works!!!!!!

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Submitted anonymously

It's 2:00 a.m. and I have a terrible bout of acid reflux. I searched and found this sight. I finally decided to get out of bed try the peanut butter only to find an empty jar in the cabinet thanks to my 15 year old. Tried the pickle juice and can not believe I immediately feel better!! wish I would have looked for this site years ago! Thanks for the suggestions! Off to bed now!

Submitted by Grant

Sweet Pickles or Dill Pickles?

Submitted by Lauriea

THank God I googled & found this site. My reflux meds didnt hold up tonight. Its 1130 PM and I was facing a long & painful night. First I looked for baking soda & then I saw this pickle juice & peanut butter suggestion. I just drank some pickle juice and will add some pb. So far so good. Thanks for helping :)

Submitted by Lauriea

@Grant, I used bread & butter dill pickles but I believe any pickle juice will prob work. Thank God I had pickles.

Submitted by sher

I just drank pickle juice and its helped calm the coughing and take the edge off, but the back of my throat still burns!! Milk seems to coat it but doesnt do the job and same with the pb :( i feel full but still a oily burn near tonsils

Submitted anonymously

I tried about 6oz of pickle juice when I was stuck on bed rest with a hurt back, then I laid on my left side. It was not completely immediate, but felt 100 better after a good 10-15 mins!!!! I will always do this technique now !!!! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted anonymously

Pickle juice works because of the vinegar in the pickle brine. Same reason why apple cider vinegar works but clearly, pickle juice tastes better. Dill also helps as it does with babies who are colic. Pickle juice is my first choice always as it provides immediate relief.

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