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This is more of a warning than a remedy

I recently lost a filling in a wisdom tooth. Soon after it abscessed. I used a tea bag and took heavy doses of garlic pills and Vitamin C which got rid of the abscess. Unfortunately, it came back and I decided to pop it. BIG MISTAKE!

A few days later i felt nauseous and couldn't really get out of bed for several days. Then my face swelled up almost baseball size. By the time i got to a dentist, I couldn't even open my mouth wide enough to get the tooth pulled out. The jaws were dropped in the dentist office as i was scolded for not going to the E.R.

Dentist prescribed Keflex which after 6 days did absolutely nothing. By this time the tooth didnt hurt but the face was so swollen it felt like my cheek was gonna explode, major pain.

Went to an oral surgeon who prescribed clyndamycin. It worked great, and got the tooth yanked.

Do whatever you can to get it taken care of the right way. It's a big weight off your shoulders

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Submitted anonymously

For an infection that serious, Keflex is not one of the heavy hitters. In order for it to work, one would need up to 3 or 4 grams per day. That's 1000mg of keflex 3 - 4 times per day for up to 10- 14 days.

I know, because I went through something similar. The oral surgeon was intelligent enough to bump up my dose and I was better within two days.

And yes, popping an abscess is not a good idea, unless you are already taking a high dose of antibiotics to counter the possible spread of infection.

All of these home remedies are stop gap measures while waiting to see a dentist for antibiotics.

I hate taking antibiotics but there is one thing I will not use home remedies on and that is a tooth infection. They are way too dangerous.

If you are poor, find out about fish antibiotics. YES they are the SAME as antibiotics you get at a pharmacy. My OWN doctor told me so.

I'd rather see a person who has NO money to see a dentist to get medication, get them one way or another so that they won't die from infection.

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