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Ok, so like everyone I am suffering with acne, and well I have tried many things such as; tooth paste, pills, proactiv, proactiv +, neutrogena products, clearasil, overall almost anything they show on tv or whatever has many good reviews, and although my acne is not as severe as some cases, I still consider it to be rather bad, but I have luckily found a remedy that has helped me both control and cure my acne...
The Ingredients:
1. Regular Oatmeal
2. One lemon
3. One teaspoon of honey
The Steps:
1. Get a handful of oatmeal and crush in your hands or put it in a blender
2. Once you have crushed or blended the oatmeal, put the oatmeal in a bowl and add the teaspoon of honey and the juice you will get from the lemon
3. Mix well with a spoon
4. Heat the mixture in a microwave for 10 to 15 seconds
5. Before applying this to your face, make sure your face is clean and then apply it all over your face, even if its not covered with acne.
6. Keep the mask on for as much as you want.
7. Wash off and your done for the morning
The Night Remedy...
Now this one is just optional and not pricey, but hard to find in regular stores. I get mine in amazon.
The night remedy I recently started to use is Aztec Secrets Healing Clay, and is about 16 dollars for 2 two pounds and this mask really goes a long way, the steps for this mask are on the bottle and well all you really need is one full tea spoon and a bit more than a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Please use as suggested and well hopefully these remedies work

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Submitted by Fredeline

Can I Use Lime Because I Don't Really Use Lemon.

Submitted anonymously

Lime and lemon juice should have a similar effect. Did you try any other natural acne remedies? Like the onces at

Submitted by esme

how long will it take?

Submitted by dia

I use just the clay with apple cider vinegar or sometimes just water. works in about two weeks of using it I started to see good resukts....clear the blackheads

Submitted by Diana

Did you know that at Walmart they sell the same thing for just $7-8 dollars?

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