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Moisten a teabag in hot water. Place the teabag on the area or tooth that is abcessed. Then rub some vicks ointment on the outside of your face where the pain is.

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Submitted by Teresa

Dry Tea Bag DOES work. My tooth was pounding. I have been on antibiotics & codeine, was looking for anything that would work. Read the comments here & thought why not give it a try. Rinseing my mouth with salt water sent me to the moon with severe pain. Then I placed the dry tea bag on my gum. The pain was severe for about 10 minutes then it got better. After 1 hr I removed the tea bag & could no longer see or feel the absess. The pain did return about 2 hrs later & I done it again. When you need relief and quick - this will work.

Submitted by Peerzada Ajaz Shah

it was 9.00 in the evening and i had a tooth ach couple of hours before, have abscess and swelling too, i have heard swelling makes pain less effective but in my case it wasnot so it altogeather opposite and the bad part of the story is that all shops and medical stores are closed because of strike as i live in kashmir it is part of life now. then i surf net for home remedy and i came across the teabag post, i first rinse my tooth by soda-b-carbonate, pain was relieved by 50% and then tea bag do miracle, i changed two bags for night, now it is ok and thanks to every one who suggested that i really donot remember who wrote that comment but any ways many many many thanks.

Submitted anonymously

just wanted to say thank you
Used the teabag trick for about a half a day.
Abcess just drained .
Greatly improves my day ty.

Submitted anonymously

I had severe pain and swelling from an abscessed tooth. I put a moist tea bag between my tooth n gum. Left it their for a few hours and the abscess actually started draining...i rinsed my mouth out with salty warm took away the pain n most of the also taking antibiotics so the infection wont spread!!!

Submitted anonymously

Dry teabag worked for me left it in for about 1 hour over abcess pain has eased a lot thank yoh

Submitted by crorkservice fiverr

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