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Submitted by I know

Hi! I'm in a performing arts school ,so I'm in front of people a lot. I get embarrassed when I perform with acne. I also have sensitive skin. If you use TOOTHPASTE, preferably mint, it can clear it right up. Use 1 or 2 days in advance.

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Submitted anonymously

i used it but it burned...

Submitted anonymously

i tried it and i really want it to work because I'm sick of my acne. But i just tried it and my skin is really tingly. Is that supposed to happen?!!

Submitted anonymously

It feels great when you rinse it off! It feels like i have a brand new layer of skin on my face:) Idk how it will work out though..... You know. Like clearing the breakout

Submitted anonymously

How long do you leave it on for

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