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I have read alot of these remedies and some do work. I have Hydranitis Suppurtiva for short HS. Alot of people don't even know about this but it is when you have black heads usually under your arms or your breast or on your inner thigh and they turn into BIG boils or abscesse like things that drain yellow puss and they hurt like hell. I haven't been able to figure out why I developed this but I know my mother and 1 of my aunts have it. I have read online about this stuff called Emuaid. I haven't been able to afford it cause it's 52.00 a bottle but for a home remedy I always just sleep with hot compresses under my arm or breast where ever it seems to come up and it's very very painful it is worse than childbirth. I wish someone could tell me some home remedies for HS if any is known of. But if you suffer from continuos boils,abscesses and blackheads you more than likely have HS. Look it up. I had to diagnose myself after 17 years of boils and blackheads and severe pain. Hope this helps....

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Submitted by Mama

Try cold pressed castor oil applied topically. It's reasonably priced and available at health food stores. It does stain so bandage over it or wear old clothes when applying. You can soak a cloth or gauze and place on affected area (cover with bandage to keep in place) it's very soothing and has helped me. Good luck and bless you all.

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