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Submitted by Bettman

After perusing through pages of these home remedies, I decided to concoct my own based loosely on all the recommendations here. The simplest thing I found that worked the best was this...

1) Take one Ibuprofen and crush it up into a fine powder with a teaspoon.

2) Take the powder and put it in the teaspoon, filling the rest of the spoon with lukewarm water. This should create something more liquid than a paste, but not too watery in nature.

3) Swish the concoction around the affected area for at least two minutes. It will sting your tongue a little, but it isn't too bad.

4) Spit it out and rinse your mouth with cold water. Do not swallow any of the Ibuprofen residue.

Repeat if the pain comes back.

This gave me instant relief, and brought my pain level from an eight down to a two or three for quite awhile. It's not the perfect cure-all, but it's easy to make and doesn't require special items from a grocery store.

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