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Woah!!!!!! Awesome face mask!! I mixed
Olive oil
Lemon juice
Baking soda

Mix it up and put it on ur face for 15 minutes take it off then put lime juice on your face then put witch hazel u will see instant results!!!!!!

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Submitted by Edna

Hi! Could you tell me the measurements that you use? Thank you!

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I want to try this but I need to know how much to put of each . Thanks

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Measurments? Sounds like a great idea... Thanks

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Submitted by C

i think yall should just put a lil of everything

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What is witch hazel?

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witch hazel is like rubbing alchol or sea breeze.

Submitted by Konner

What could be substituted for witch hazel?

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when you mix this items together do they make a bubble mixture?

Submitted by arb

Wich hazel can be substituted with peroxide, just mix slowly and stir gently. Wipe your face with an ice cold rag in a downward motion before you apply the mask, rinse the mask with the hottest water you can stand. Rinse with ice cold after the lime juice and which hazel. The cold will open VB your pores and allow the mixture to push out three dirt and oil. If you have dry skin already make sure you follow with an unscented dye free lotion like lubriderm.

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