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Submitted by Izzy

There is a cream that I have been using and it is AMAZING!!!!! It is called 'Clinique acne treatment'. If you rub it where your spots are than they will be gone in no time!!!

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Submitted anonymously

BECAREFUL!! Clinique acne spot gave me a chemical burn.

Submitted by Annoyed

its also NOT a home remedy.

Submitted anonymously

Be careful! It is only intended for black spots, not red ones. I learned the hard way.

Submitted anonymously

No that shit dont work

Submitted by I am a one eyes one horned flying purple people eater with acne'

Ignore the other people's comments!! I got some and it is AMAZING!!!! IT WORKS WONDERS!!!! I love it so much!! My mum got me all the skin blemishing products form Clinique and my skin is clear!! All my friends are using it and they have amazing skin now too!!!!! Thankyou so much!! X

Submitted anonymously

My good friend works at Clinique and recommended it. Tried it abc it sucks. Doesn't help my pimples one bit.

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