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Submitted by Urine therapy

Drink a tall glass of lemon water, add lemon to your taste. This is detox. Second next time you have to use bathroom do a clean catch that means to unrinate a little then midstream urine can be used on a towel or pad to put on your face. Urine has the power to heal. Don't knock it until you try it for 2 weeks everyday a little urine on your face. Rinse off after 30 min.

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Submitted anonymously


Submitted anonymously

Okay yeah, there's no way I'm trying this.

Submitted by C

Are you sick?

Submitted anonymously

Is this even sanitairy??

Submitted by samantha

Wow I don't think I will be doing this but hey you go buddy props on pissing on ur face :-D

Submitted anonymously

Good shit on pissin onbur face homie i think.u shkuld post a video to show us all how tobdobit the rite way

Submitted by Ms.moreno

My sister in law use to do this when she was younger and she says it worked she is 36 yrs old now but after her face cleared, she has never had issues with acne her skin is very beautiful. I know it sounds gross but hey if it works do it.

Submitted by Marc

As nasty as it sounds it really does work. Plus it's your own urine, and it's not like you have to go around telling people. Try it and keep it a secret if you're that worried about it. Cleared my face in 3 days.

Submitted by mc

i watched a documentary about a lady that did this and it healed all her skin and her face was amazingly clear...

Submitted anonymously

It works and am a living testimony,i know it luks dirty,but it's the best,you dnt need money to ve an acne free face becos the remedy is already in you,use it wisely.Good luck.

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