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I have a toothache that started yesterday evening (Friday) dentists is closed until Monday went to emergancy doctor I'm on antibiotics to kill the infection and ibuprofen to take down the swelling. Still have to visit the dentist as there is a crack or hole in my tooth where bacteria got in. In the meantime, Short term relief I gargled with Whiskey but this wears off. Just now I've a whole clove in my mouth on side of the tooth and pain has gone. BUT still go to the dentist no matter what

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Submitted anonymously

Help how did the clove thingy work cuz i have a horrible toothache right now

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Don't take ibuprofin, take tylenol. Ibuprofin could cause a delay if oral surgery is needed due to the clotting effect.

Submitted by Etay

I am in major pain please help. did you just put the clove in your mouth or did you use clove oil?

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