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Submitted by Jade

Hi you poor souls my husband has a very high pain tolarance but this time round the pain won. After not knowing what to do to help him I started to read what you all had written. I mixed powdered garlic with salt and cyane pepper with half a cup of tap water to gurgle believe me when l tell you his pain is completely gone. It's almost 3.30 in the morning After 5.30 hrs of pain, we can both go to sleep Please listen mix salt garlic powder and cyane pepper with half cup water and gurgle no more pain and now l too can go to bed thanx all

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Submitted by Autumn

I just want to say thank you so much for posting this. My boyfriend had the worst pain from his wisdom tooth and broken molar today he's ever had. I got your post when I googled remedies to help him, and it instantly stopped hurting. Thank you for sharing this and helping others with tooth pain. (:

Submitted anonymously

Used this today and worked like magic. Ibuprofen alone just wasn't working. Did this combined with ibuprofen and was amazed. The mixture calmed the pain almost immediately.

Submitted by Brandi

I just want to say that ive had tooth pain all day horrible tooth pain to the point where I'm balling my eyes out at work! And it comes in waves it's its prob absest or somthing its sundsy cant getvto dentist anyway...
its 1.45 in the morning I just came across this site wow !! I thank god I had all 3 ingredients lol cause boy did that work like instantly!!! Ya my mouth is on fire but I'd rather have that then tooth pain thank u soooo much seriously thank you!!

Submitted anonymously

Thank you! I've tried everything and nothing seemed to work. I just gargled with this mixture and the best relief Ive had in two days!!!!

Submitted by Greg

Thanks, I tried this for a broken wisdom tooth and some unbelievable pain. Feels better immediately.

Submitted by Happy Mommy

YAaaaaaay it does work!!! Happy & Pregnant / 20 weeks along - this was much faster than other remedies at home. Thank you from Mom & baby!!

Submitted by Karen

WOW...I've tried everything! This amazingly well. First home remedy that I have tried for any ailment that actually works. It's worth the 'mouth burn'.

Submitted by Karen

I meant it 'works' amazingly well.

Submitted by Rachel

How much of each ingredient? I don't want to be on fire :p

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