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#1 remedy GO TO THE DENTIST! I know it's expensive, I don't have insurance but you could die from the infection. If it is bad and you really can't afford it go to the emergency room, they can't turn you away. At least they can give you a prescription for antibiotics to kill the bacteria

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That is quite the 'home remedy' you have there...

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No kidding... you going to pay for it if I go to a dentist?

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People do not come here looking for home remedies if they had the optional of going to the dds! Also I have been to the er for an abscess they had to cut then the lovely dr thought shoving scissors in the hole opening & closing repeatedly was the way to do it after telling me that numbing my mouth would do no good so... Maybe you people who obviously do not have our issues shouldn't offer such aggravating advice!!!

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