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Submitted by shanha

my mom used 2 always say it clove but i was so stylish that i used 2 eat it but it used 2 be under my tooth 2 show my frendz that i have got braces(which we wear 4 teeth) i uesd 2 put it in my uniform also atlest 20 den i realized we should eat or mix it in water after crushing hope it helpeg you please vote n comment muchaa love u

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Submitted anonymously

In English? Whatever you said makes no sense to me.

Submitted by idontknowhowtowriteproperly

iz dis engrissh?

Submitted by Marie

WHAT?! You were too stylish? Pahahahaha Thanks for the help....D: Not

Submitted anonymously

you do know that you can also spell many words with LETTERS and not numbers...right?

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