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Submitted by Ashley

~3/4 cup white or brown sugar
~1-2 tsp. honey
~2 small dry teabag(any fruit/herbal)
~however much water that needs to make a thick paste

Use a small bowl, put in sugar, add little amount of water, stir. Then cut your tea bag open, and pour in the herbs and stuff, mix well. Then apply to face, it will be sticky, so watch for getting in hair, pull hair back out of way. Let set on your face until dry. Rinse face clean of all of it, it should feel very smooth, babysoft, and very clean. Do twice or three times a week if desired.

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Submitted anonymously

How long do you leave it on?

Submitted anonymously

You leave it on until the paste is dry

Submitted anonymously

You just add the honey to the water and sugar?

Submitted anonymously

Is this just for keeping your face soft and smooth? or does it clean it and prevent acne too?

Submitted anonymously

I have had it on my face for about 10 minutes and it keeps melting in clumps and falling off my face. Perhaps next time i will add more honey to see if it will be more of a binding agent. Other than that I can feel it tightening and feels great on my face. :)

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