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Try this before you go to the dentist!!

I got a horrible toothache last night out of nowhere; the pain went from non-existent to unbearable in about 3 hours. It was so bad I was in tears and couldn't sleep well last night. It hurt to swallow, chew, cough, yawn... I looked in my mouth and at the very back on my gum behind my molar was something that looked like a blood blister. (If you search for 'tooth abscess' on, the 1st picture is very close to what it looked like.) I told my boyfriend I thought I may have an abscess and he said that hot salt water would break it all up. It was such horrible pain, I would've tried anything.

I put about 1/2 a teaspoon salt in almost boiling water, let it cool down for a few minutes, then swished a mouthful of it around in my mouth several times. After about the 4th time, I started seeing blood in the saliva I was spitting into the sink and I could feel the pressure going away; more blood and less pressure with each swish. I kept doing that until the blood got light pink again. It took 5 minutes to do and the pain was GONE. It did feel a little tingly for a while after that and bleed lightly for a while after that. The pain started to return very minimally, so I did it again and it was gone!

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