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Submitted by Whitney Hatfield

Okay, I am 17 and I have had Bad acne since I was 12. What I have discovered after many years of research and trying new remedies and products is taking Ivory Hand Soap and washing your face with it twice a day everyday then dabbing it dry with a nice warm towel, then applying cocoanut conditioner to the affected areas then letting it dry! It helps a lot! It may not clear it completely, but it does help quiet a lot!! Before you sleep do this as well!

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Submitted by Nicole

How man y times do use the cocoanut conditioner are you apply the soap. Or do you use it both times when you wash your face before and after you go to bed.....

Submitted anonymously

As an esthetician, i must recommend that you not try this... Conditioner will clog your pores which is probably why you can't get it to go completely away.

Submitted anonymously

Also washing your face with soap vs cleanser will strip your face of sebum (oil) which will cause your face to produce even more oil than you already do.

Submitted by Hannah

Instead of all that, use more natural products... like aloe vera jel, rub an onion on your acne, and if any oil is on your face use a clay mask, which works WONDERS... and if have too little oil,use a facial moisturizer with NO OIL, oil will clog poors, good luck!

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