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Submitted by Christabel elewke

Make use of ur early morning urine(dats d 1st urine u have when u wake up),wash ur face with it n alow it 2 dry then after 2-3 mins .wash ur face wit soap n water every morning. Do this 4 9dayz then u wud have a smooth skin

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Submitted by i dont want to talk about it.

I know its crazy but it really worked. My pimples are all gone.

Submitted anonymously

This may be one of the most stupid things I've ever read on the internet, you have to be trolling here.

There is nothing in urine that is remotely any more helpful than a topical cream specifically meant for acne. Not only that, splashing urine all over your face (and possibly open sores from acne) if you're currently sick is a terrible idea and you're effectively strengthening the pathogens in your blood system. I'll be you think blood letting is a good idea also.

Submitted anonymously

hahaha this is some Jerry Springer ish LOL

Submitted anonymously

R Kelly aproves

Submitted anonymously

i thought this only worked with babys pee thats were breast feed

Submitted anonymously

R u fuking dickhead?? Only a pissd insane would do tht..

Submitted anonymously

This is so gross!!!! Wht the fuck would u be thinking when u do this its like peeing on ur own face!!!! You people discust me whoever tried this... I would rather have acne then pee on my own face

Submitted by Chi-town

Real shit... Putn ur own urine on ur face 2 clear acne is a down souf home remedy... My Aunt 4rm Arkansas recommended dat I tried dat inorder 2 clear my face and I looked at her as if she was crazy and I actually thought it was a joke but she was dead ass... And got upset bcuz she thought it was disrespectful dat I laughed in her face... So den she suggested I use eye white

Submitted by Chi-town

*egg white (typo)

Submitted by jaylen

the person who said this must have bumpy nasty infected girls dont want me face lmao rotfl lol

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