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Submitted by DestructiveShay

Mixx lemon juice, honey & brown sugar in a container .... rubb on your face .. It works !

-Lemon juice evens the skin tone
-honey will work as a moisturizer
-brown sugar will exfoliate
... Getting rid of blemishes.

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Submitted by Ebony(:

hey um, how long do you leave it on for?

Submitted anonymously

I leave it on till the lemon juice dries a little bit:) Leaves my skin soft LOVE:D

Submitted anonymously

how much do you use of each ingredient?

Submitted by nana

oh um does it have to be bron sugar not regular white sugar??

Submitted by SarahBeth=D

I think i might just try this. THANKS:D

Submitted by Carrie

Oh my goodness! This does make my skin softer! I used 2tbsp. of each ingredient. To apply I used a rubber brush (like to put BBQ sauce on chicken). Works like a charm!

Submitted by Becca

How can you tell if the lemon juice is drying?

Submitted anonymously

OMG I used this and now my skin feels SO smooth! I recommended it to all my friends it works so well! I've had a bunch of pimples on my face for months and I've tried Clearasil and Clean&Clear and a million home remedies, but this worked better than ANY of them! All I need now is....... MORE HONEY

Submitted by frustrated :(

Does this wk on ance also?

Submitted by Tori

Do you do this treatment to your face everyday? I had someone tell me that I should only do this once a week no more.

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