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Submitted by Ms. C

Why or why would you want to try these time consuming remedies while baby is in such discomfort, hurting and crying??? ...and while you are losing your sleep!

My infant daughter had colic from the first week I brought her home from the hospital and did not sleep through even one night until she was 13 months old. The reason? She had colic and woke me up crying or screaming EVERY SINGLE NIGHT....averaging four times a night, no less than two! Nothing really worked to help alleviate her discomfort!!!

One day I was in a drug store and happen to run across a homeopathic product made just for infants with colic. They turned out to be 'seltzer tablets' similar-like to Alka Seltzer. The tablets are smaller than the size of a pencil eraser. All you do is put them between your thumb and pointer finger, put a couple of water drops on the tablet to make it melt into a wet powder, and then baby just 'nurses' the melted mixture off your finger. I NEVER HAD AN INTERRUPED NIGHT OF SLEEP DUE TO COLIC!

There is no particular name brand of these natural, homeopathic infant seltzer tablets, but is available in most pharmacies. The product line I found also carried natural tablets also for teething, ear aches, and sleeplessness for infants.

Try these!!!

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Submitted by gk

I believe you're talking about brand called Hylands Baby. All of their products are very very good!

Submitted by gk

I believe you're talking about brand called Hylands Baby. All of their products are very very good!

Submitted by divotsmom

Yay homeopathics for babies! Teething, colic, check them out!

Submitted anonymously

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