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Submitted by Dawn

My PCP told me about this remedy for acid reflux:

Put the tips of your fingers (both hands) just below your sternum and apply firm pressure for 30 seconds. Firm pressure, but don't hurt yourself. FYI: your sternum is between your breasts,. This really works.

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Submitted anonymously

Been up for hours with acid reflux. Took some Tums...didn't do a thing but make me nauseated! Read this and tried it..WOW what a relief. Thanks a mill!

Submitted anonymously

Amazing. Absolutely works. Thanks!

Submitted anonymously

Holy Crap! Sitting at my desk with burning all day. This worked! So crazy! Thank you so much!

Submitted anonymously

It worked!! WOW

Submitted by Eric L. Wattree

I've been coughing and walking the floor for several days, and nights. I've been so distressed that I've been close to having a panic attack because I haven't been able to caught up the reflux. So I came to this page in desperation and found your post. It works! God bless you.

Now all I have to do is find out what's triggering it in the first place. If I could get rid of this reflux my quality of life would be 400% better, but you've given me the next best thing. Thank you again.

Submitted by Kayla :)

Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this tip. Have had burning in my throat for at least 12 hrs and meds only help for a short while. Tried this as soon as I read it and feel so much better. TY, TY, TY!

Submitted anonymously

I did not work .... I don't know what u were told but it didn't work ...:0/

Submitted anonymously

It really did work! Thank you so much!

Submitted by Jessica

It's 1:30am and I've been looking up remedies for close to an hour trying to find something to sooth the pain that didn't require me to drink vinegar or peanut butter and I was amazed how quickly this worked!!!!!
After doing it a couple times a few minutes apart the pain was gone. Although it came back a little while later, it's still a relief until I can get to the chemist in the morning.

Submitted by Saranchad

My boyfriend just tried this and got immediate relief! We constantly are annoyed by these heart burn occurrences and now we found something that helps! Without eating anything gross, or ingesting pills of any sort. Thanks sooo much!!!

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