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I am 20 years old and I have had really bad acne since I was nine, the only thing that has cleared the acne is hot water and bleach twice a day.

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Submitted by Kristina

What do you mean bleach, and how do you do this exactly?

Submitted anonymously

What type of bleach you used??? And how much you used??

Submitted by jenae

bleach? what kind of bleach ??

Submitted anonymously

not real !

Submitted anonymously

That's not good for you :(

Submitted by trololololololololol

I always use a lighter and scorch the provlem areas. then i put bleach on it. then i realize im a idiot.

Submitted anonymously

it didnt work :(!!!! i tried it and it left my face burnt and dry for weeks! :(

Submitted anonymously

fuckin stupid, thats prolly what is breaking out your skin bcause it is too harsh dumbass.

Submitted anonymously

Bleach is corrosive to ur skin and anything living. This should never be done.

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