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Submitted by Lor

acne care
my daughter had a break out she has them alot. A friend of her's told her to try calomine lotion. and her face was clear the next morning

you have to use the pink lotion (not clear)
It worked great for her
1.wash face
2.blot dry face
3. apply calomine lotion to face
she left her's overnight
I hope it works for all

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Submitted by kate

I'm going to try it hopefully it works. i've tried everything for my acne.

Submitted by Coco

Does the lotion leave any marks

Submitted anonymously

so did it work? and where can u find this lotion

Submitted by Whitney

You can find it at drug stores or walmart. It will wash off straight off. Your face will be a whitish pink but it dries fast and it's easy to get off.

Submitted anonymously

wash your face as in use whatever face wash you would regularly use, then dry then use the lotion?

Submitted anonymously

Has anybody else tried this? i have tried everything for my acne so i am hoping this works. please reply back if you have tried this and it has helped your acne.

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