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Hi, I'm 16 and have recently started breaking out on my chest, back and face not real bad but enoff to bug me. Anyways I have tried all the popular acne treatments like cleasil and they seemed to make me break out worse so what I do is...
Step 1: Wash with soap and warm water.
Step 2: Use a q-tip or cotten ball and dip in hydrogen proxide and dab on infected areas
Step 3: Let dry then place a warm wet cloth over the areas but don't rub
Step 4: Proxide will dry out your skin so make sure you have a good moisterizer

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Submitted by Jack Lady

There are number of simple measures to get rid of pimples quickly. These are generally some of the simple steps that can be followed regularly.

1. Apply ice to the pimples few times per day. This will reduce the swelling and can try to make the pimple less noticeable.
2. Toothpaste does apply to the pimple which again cuts down on swelling and helps you to get rid of the pimples the next morning.
3. Drink a great deal of water. This facilitates eliminating toxins from body.
4. Try in order to avoid junk food and also eatables containing excess sugar and vegetable oil.
5. Another way to get rid of pimples is the use of garlic. Massage the garlic in your face few times every day for about a week.
6. The best off to get rid of pimples is to eliminate stress. Once stress level falls its easier to eliminate pimples fast.
7. Regions which are prone to pimples should be washed with a cleanser at least twice a day.
8. Avoid oil based moisturizers and makeup.
9. Consult a dermatologist and have them for a pimple cream.
10. Sleep well during the night as it strengthens the body's defence mechanism to fight off bacteria along with other infection.


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Most important thing to keep away from Acne is maintain a good hygiene of the face,hands and body. Dirty hands can cause immediate acne and I have experienced this myself couple of times. Even if you don’t have acne you still have to treat your face regularly.

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