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Submitted by AstroSynergy

Purchase habanero and cayenne peppers at your local grocery store. If you cant purchase fresh cayenne peppers then get a bottle of cayenne pepper in the spice area of store. Zatarains sells a huge bottle of finely ground pure cayenne pepper.

Fresh cayenne pepper: cut the fresh cayenne pepper near the stem area and place on area of exposed root and squeeze pepper juice in nerve. This is incredible after doing a while AND will actually promote gum growth over exposed area of tooth at a fast pace.

Ground cayenne pepper: wash hands, wet fingertip, dab in pepper, rub over exposed nerve area...and try to get as much in the nerve as possible.


Eat a small piece of the habanero pepper. Remember, just a small piece. Chew it a while. The burning sensation in your mouth will be so great, the last thing you feel is your tooth/nerve pain.

Peppers are miracle workers when it comes to body health.

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Submitted anonymously

Listerine helps numb the tooth.

Submitted by Kathleen

It's not nice to mess with people in pain and desperate. Do NOT under any circumstances put habanero pepper on a tooth abscess. The pain would be beyond intolerable.

Submitted by Bossbeezy

U gots to be satin for that subjestion. Im not even laughing!

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