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Victoria Maeve

I cracked my molar when my silver filling fell out a couple of months ago. Since then, I've been putting off the dentist, like normal people do, except my tooth pain began to get progressively worse. I was crying, had an earache, a headache and my body was sensitive. It was clear the bacteria were proliferating. So until I could make an emergency visit to have the tooth removed, I crawled around the kitchen and got some garlic powder and salt. (I already had 100% pure clove bud oil.) I swished about a tablespoon of garlic, a tablespoon of salt and 2 cups warm water around for about 20 minutes. Finally the pain subsided a little.. So then i dabbed some clove oil on a cotton swab and applied inside the cracked tooth and around the gums and I'm finally able to function and think clearly. The pain is still there but it pales In comparison to what I was just going through.

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